Long Cycle Progress

The idea is pretty simple- move as much weight as fast as possible. I have been able to work this now 31 days out of the last 35…which is pretty bad ass.

When I first started playing with this, I was urged to “pace” my sets by many people who think themselves experts, but pacing is basically standing around with the weights racked. Continue reading Long Cycle Progress

PR Thread stomps forward, our tribe grows: 6 mar – 13 mar 2010

Everyday a new chance for you to shine. Everyday offers the promise of better. Perpetual Progress is forward movement.

Our metric is simple-Improvement everytime. More weight on the bar, more reps in the bank, faster, easier, cleaner, smoothier.

It does not matter what your goal is, it does not matter what tools you choose. We are about better.

Post your progress


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For your information and entertainment- Friday night videos

First up, a brief interview with Josh on his training progress using perpetual progress.

Next, Matt demonstrates “Corn Cobb” pull ups. These have been testing really well lately

Finally, some brief clips from my pinch workout last night. Crushed a lot of pinch lifts, and hit some new PRs in th realm of intensity and volume

Join My Tribe

Some clips from this week.

We are about getting better, in every direction as fast as our biology will allow. We are about you doing what you want to do, and offer the tools to do it better, faster, simpler.

We offer a place to deal with like minded individuals. We have no preference on your tools, or your goals. We have no preference on your occupation or your income. We have no bias on your education or experience.

We are looking for open minds which will question anything and everyone. We are looking for open minds which are willing to put every belief system to the test, and move in the best direction for the task at hand.

You owe us no allegiance, you owe us no favor. You owe only yourself; we will help you if you ask in your quest to honor yourself.

We will ask you to fly your own flag now. We will ask you to make your path. If it so happens our trajectories and velocities match that is even better, but we will not demand adjustments.

I want you to join my tribe, but I need you to be your own hero.

Will you join me?


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Lifting the blob

This is a “blob50” which is a replica of the orignal York Blob made famous by strongman Richard Sorin

You can learn a whole lot about the history of blob training from this article written by Jedd Johnson. Jedd has lifted the blob for many reps, farmers walked a pair of them over 100 ft, and clean and pressed the blob by the face. In other words, he knows a thing or two about them.