Steel Scrolling

Steel Scrolling this evening. The first piece is a 1 inchx1/4 inch piece of flat stock that was 36 inches long. I made 7 bends in it then looped it around. Flat stock is good because it is very strong when you try to twist it. The middle picture is litte 3/16 square stock. I love bending square stock. I usually use 1/4 or 5/16 but i tried out some small stuff today. Square stock makes very artistic designs and looks cool when you twist it. This piece i twisted around 35 times, i dont think the picture really shows how neat it looks.

Steel scrolling is an elite grip training tool. The amount of dynamic and static power you have to produce is great. It is superior to other forms of grip training because it is a total upper body work out and requires a lot of endurance in the arms and back and chest. If you want to get started here is what you need

-Go to a Home Depot of a Lowes and buy some 3/16″X36″ steel rod sections. DO NOT get the pieces that are cut like a big screw. Get the smooth pieces. Start with Round stock and work up to square and flat.

-Warm up your arms with some push ups and shake outs.

-No start your bend near the end and work from there. There are no rules, everything is free style from there. One piece will give you a lot of work. I broke off a section of this, but when i work with the 5/16 it lasts a long time because it is very difficult to break.

Todays workout, Squat walk outs and zercher carries

My right hand is really chewed up from all of the nail bending on Tuesday, so i am doing is supports until Saturday. Today i did squat walk outs up and down the drive way (many be 300Ft) with 185, 205 and then 255. Afterwards I did Zercher carries, 185, 205, 255. These were no fun at all. Finished up with Get up-Sit ups and some pull ups.

Nail bending Personal Best!

In John Brookfields Grip Masters Manual, he talks about bending entire boxes of 60D’s in one sitting. John was bending 50Lbs boxes, and he uses a unique grip. John just grabs the ends of the nail and presses down to bend it.

This work out gave me an even stronger respect for John and his truly freakish levels of strength and endurance.

I took 200 60D nails and put them in a pile. I used a click counter for each nail i bent to keep a good count. I started the clock right before my first bend and let it run until i hit my goal number. 150 60D’s bent in 1 hour and 15 minutes. I used Iron Mind Cordura hand pads and the double under grip.

Here is the break down for bends per 25 nails-

First 25: 10 minutes, 15 seconds. 50: 21 minutes, 18 seconds. 75: 31 minutes, 40 seconds. 100: 42 minutes, 47 seconds. 125: 58 minutes, 42 seconds. 150: 1 hour, 15 minutes, 13 second
Some things i have learned-
-If you start to get a blister, you should stop there for the day.
-Use leather pads if possible. i believe i would have made it to 200 if i had leather to use.
-Move at a good pace, but don’t comprimise your technique to speed up, it will cost you in the long run.

New Equipment

Three 300lbs barbell sets, a pair of plate loading dumbbells and two adjustable squat stands all for under $350.

I spray painted the squat racks last night and they look brand new.

Tomorrow i will put them to good use…