45 lbs plate pinch plus anvil lifts

Pinch lifting a pair of 45’s smooth side out is a classic test of hand strength.

Different sized plates will present different challenges. Some plates are very smooth, others are rough. Some have a flare towards the end of the plate which makes them harder to line up. Some may feel like a perfect fit to your hand, others very awkward.

If you want to get better with your plate lifts it would be useful for you to get your hand on several brands of plates to see what works best for you. In my opinion it is most useful to find the easiest possible pair for you and build up from there.

This was a challenge I knew I wanted to complete from the day I discovered I could lift this anvil. It sat for over 8 months before I lifted it even a fraction of an inch.

In the new Gym Movement 2.0 covers over 20 blocks of instruction which will take your training to that next level. How much leaner, how much stronger, how much better could you be in 3 months from now?

Only you can learn the answer to that question.

Single arm lifts off the floor, the core of grip training

Single hand lifts are one of the cornerstones to greater total arm strength.

There are so many grips one could train. Vertical grips, fatbars, very thin objects, and a variety of pinch grips.

As you get stronger you may want to challenge yourself, a favorite of mine is combination lifts such as this Inch DB lift with a double 45’s pinch.

Changing tools is one way you will learn to make more progress using the Gym Movement Protocol. Once you are comfortable using your bodies feedback to program you will find it very simple to achieve many more personal records in your training.

Pinching 45’s while lifting a 173 lbs anvil at the Arnold Classic Fitness Expo

20 May 2013

I really enjoy this variation of the handstand push up, done on the finger tips.

A new challenge for you guys. All you need is a hub pinch apparatus. Goose neck the wrist by flexing it with a fist and put the crook of the wrist on bar. It is some what similar to the false grip used on the rings.

Playing with pinch pull ups on a wider bar. This Saxon bar is 3″ X 3″. That extra inch in width makes the pinch grip much more challenging.

Challenge updates

At least training is going well this week. A lot of brand new movements for me, including a few I didn’t expect

The plate on the hips is so much tougher than a weight hung from a belt.

Today I learned I can do the muscle up.

The challenge continues: Hey every body check out my snatch!

Look at the post below at the better of the two reps, now look at this ^.

I have had some questions about flexibility training and those questions have lead me to an incredibly effective way of rapidly increasing my mobility and flexibility. Check out this picture, this is the first time in my adult life I have ever achieved that range of motion.

If you are not clear on this, I am doing some things very differently than many others. While my results may look very fast, they are actually in the average range for those who use the Gym Movement Protocol. I see the same speed of improvement in my students and clients. They are moving from their own individual starting point towards their own individual goal and they are moving quickly.

Would you like to learn more about this method of training?

Frankie and I created Gym Movement 2.0, a documentary and training film teaching you exactly how this is done. We filmed hundreds of examples. We take you the many principles used in the Gym Movement Protocol showing you how to achieve personal records every single day.

Stretching today was topped with three new positions I have never been able to reach before. I believe I can achieve a Russian split in 5 months using a safer application than what is commonly taught in dance, martial arts, cheer, and gymnastics. I will continue to share progress with it. I am currently 3 weeks in and I have already surpassed every range of motion compared to the last 10 years. It is promising.