20 May 2013

I really enjoy this variation of the handstand push up, done on the finger tips.

A new challenge for you guys. All you need is a hub pinch apparatus. Goose neck the wrist by flexing it with a fist and put the crook of the wrist on bar. It is some what similar to the false grip used on the rings.

Playing with pinch pull ups on a wider bar. This Saxon bar is 3″ X 3″. That extra inch in width makes the pinch grip much more challenging.

2 thoughts on “20 May 2013”

  1. Just tried a finger tip handstand push-up here in my office, managed one it’s quite taxing and it for sure harder then it looks. It still doesn’t seem like it will be that bad when you are getting set up but once you start the press it’s a whole new ballgame.

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