An example of my flexibility training

There will be a block in the 2013 Smarter Strength course on mobility restoration and flexibility training. Here is a sneak peak.

Please keep in mind that the principle is being experimental with motion and avoiding dogmatic stances. Do not do what I do, do as I do. Your training will look different because you are different.

5 thoughts on “An example of my flexibility training”

  1. Good video. I did a lot of kundalini yoga in my 20s, so I have plenty of yoga experience, and I agree that hot yoga sucks.

    When I got serious about lifting in my 30s, my flexibility declined. More muscle, thicker tendons and thicker ligaments means less flexibility. But I’m still probably within 85-90% of my best ranges of motion, at least on most things.

    Now I just stretch at night a couple times a week after a couple glasses of wine, doing similar things that you’re doing, where I look for what’s not moving well, and stretch into / around it until it’s moving better. It looks different every time, because I focus on what needs to move better, not just on doing a static routine.

    Finally, cats are yoga masters, but your dog is really cool too.

  2. When I watched this yesterday, it reminded me instantly of my sister’s flexibility training. Her practice is always effortless, very smooth with no fixed routine, and she’s pretty flexible too (and strong). It’s pretty funny, because some years ago, I thought I knew better, because I had read “Relax Into Stretch” and whatnot, and when Pavel says that you have to do x sets of y seconds contract-relax or whatever bullshit template, we all know that’s what we have to do, right?

    I’ve been to a Bikram Yoga class once some time ago and it’s pathetic. Everyone’s working outside of their limits, making pain faces and wonder of wonders, most look like shit, move like shit and even though some are very flexible, I’d venture a guess they would perform like shit on almost any other movement quantity. And they are telling you all the time that “Dr. Bikram” (whoever the fuck that is) says that those movements are all that everyone needs to be healthy. I almost threw up in my mouth a little bit.

    The only sad thing is that most people don’t know that there’s a better way.

    1. That is what this community will teach the others. Over time more will see. There are many roads to Rome and the one of following your body is smoothest

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