The challenge continues: Hey every body check out my snatch!

Look at the post below at the better of the two reps, now look at this ^.

I have had some questions about flexibility training and those questions have lead me to an incredibly effective way of rapidly increasing my mobility and flexibility. Check out this picture, this is the first time in my adult life I have ever achieved that range of motion.

If you are not clear on this, I am doing some things very differently than many others. While my results may look very fast, they are actually in the average range for those who use the Gym Movement Protocol. I see the same speed of improvement in my students and clients. They are moving from their own individual starting point towards their own individual goal and they are moving quickly.

Would you like to learn more about this method of training?

Frankie and I created Gym Movement 2.0, a documentary and training film teaching you exactly how this is done. We filmed hundreds of examples. We take you the many principles used in the Gym Movement Protocol showing you how to achieve personal records every single day.

Stretching today was topped with three new positions I have never been able to reach before. I believe I can achieve a Russian split in 5 months using a safer application than what is commonly taught in dance, martial arts, cheer, and gymnastics. I will continue to share progress with it. I am currently 3 weeks in and I have already surpassed every range of motion compared to the last 10 years. It is promising.

4 thoughts on “The challenge continues: Hey every body check out my snatch!”

  1. Adam I think that you would really appreciated “Let Every Breath”. It’s a good goddamn book on Systema’s system of breathing. After performing ridiculous active combat oriented flexibility feats the author is asked,”You don’t even practice flexibility? How is it that you’re so flexible”, his response was “I am not flexible… I am free.”, which is referring to how the freedom of breathing causes a freedom of the body because just as the body follows the head, the mind/body follows the breath.

      1. Second that recommendation…. really good book that has helped me become aware of how I breathe daily in both work, training and everything else…

  2. In. I’ll get to the material when I get home on Sunday. Also looking forward to another round of Smarter Strength. This has already been a great year so far, and it will be better than last year, which was better than the year before!

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