PSOTFED 8 May 2013

Things have been a bit fucked up for me this last week but lifting was good.

Side note on BB Snatch is getting better

compare to 17 April 2013

2 thoughts on “PSOTFED 8 May 2013”

  1. Adam,

    Holy shit looks like 2 completely different lifters!

    The improvement in mobility and movement is insane. All i can say is Hips and shin angle in only three weeks! how often were you performing snatches during that time?

    How heavy have you gone?

    1. Hi Joe

      4-5 days of practice, typically 12-15 reps with 155 to 205. Most this round has been 220. I believe I can reach 300 over this year considering how many technical details I can address

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