The 3″ Axle Challenge, can you hang? Can you pull?

I often have a difficult time gauging how difficult a given grip challenge is so I would like your help.

Take a 3″ smooth axle (maybe PVC pipe would be a good work around) and throw it on top of a rack. Now grab it double overhand (that means with your thumb and all fingers) and hang. If you can hang, try to pull.

I have watched several fit people try and fail at this. Josh said he thinks this is harder than the pinch bar. I want to know what you think.

5 thoughts on “The 3″ Axle Challenge, can you hang? Can you pull?”

  1. Just tried it. I can hang and do about half a pull up – couldn’t quite mange the top half of the pull. Nice little test!

  2. I found one thats a little over 3, maybe 3.5. Hung for five seconds and pulled about 3/4 of the way up. The rolling part is tough.

  3. That was humbling. Short hang but nothing even close to a pull-up. Apparently I have something to add to my to do list.

  4. I can hang, but only do a 1/4 pull-up, mostly because the bar is rolling. My personal opinion is that palm size matters and that it is not harder than pinch pull-up. As in I can’t hang on pinch pull-up bar, but I can hang here.

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