A Challenge for all: Pull Shit Off The Floor Everyday (PSOTFED)

I think most lifters would agree the foundation of strength is lifting weight off the floor.

When the topic comes to speed, endurance, flexibility, or power opinions can become varied quickly…but for strength many can side that deadlifting is the starting point for a stronger body.

How many types of lifts off the floor are there? Hundreds, if not thousands of variations and modifications.

Last May a number of lifters joined me for the challenge of lifting daily.
A goal to work some type of pull.
This year the challenge continues

There are no rules.

The 200 lbs Zuver Plates, pieces of Iron Game history. These incredible one of kind plates were featured as a medley challenge in the 2013 Arnold Classic Mighty Mitts Grip Contest.



The basics – lift something up.
Any deadlift variation.
With any tool or object.

Resistance, sets, and reps.
I will offer two facts and an opinion.
I do not care what you select.
No one else does either.
So my opinion is do what is best for you at that moment.

Some days are heavy.
Some are light.
Some days it is a rack pull for singles.
Others it is hundreds of kettlebell swings and snatches.
It maybe a fatbar you struggle to break off the ground
or a dumbbell you fix to your hand with a lifting strap. It’s your body, your program.

This is all fun, and it’s fun for all who do it.

So this Month of May,
I’ll ask you a question
Will you join me in picking shit up off the floor, everyday?
31 days.

31 Days to challenge your hips, back, grip, creativity, motivation, dedication, time management, and focus.

This is what I am doing next, I would enjoy having you travel with me.

If you wish, share a video or picture of your lifting.
post up a comment, I will put up a video here of you getting at it.
Share a PR. Share a new modification. Allow the rest of us to cheer you on.
You would be surprised how many people will stand behind you.


4 thoughts on “A Challenge for all: Pull Shit Off The Floor Everyday (PSOTFED)”

  1. I just realised that I “failed” on Day 2, because I did a row off the ground rather than the “specified” deadlift variation.

    I’m gonna call them split multi-level stance arm assisted deadlifts and say that I’m doing okay.

  2. Hey Adam,

    Just thought I’d say I really enjoyed the PSOTFED challenge. I hope it continues to get more and more popular each year as your work continues to raise awareness in main stream strength training about the importance of building strong hands.

    I’ve written up a few a words about it on my blog I’m slowly building,



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