Hand to hand York Blob toss and catch, Inch plus weight lifts [The Chronicles]

Here are several advanced ways to progress using the block weights and cast dumbbells.

As a note you can use the extra weight loading on any size block weight. Why would you use a smaller one? It maybe a better size width to work with based on your hand and your body at that time. Wider is not better as a single point stance concerning grip training.

Loading plates on top of the globes of a cast dumbbell dramatically increases the challenge. Lifting an Inch requires a lot of thumb strength, adding this additional resistance feels like a much heavier jump than “only” 5, 10, or 15 extra pounds.

The last detail here – for those of you working on lifting heavier blocks, you may do better to stat them off a platform and work your way to the floor. Even though the limiting factor is pinch strength, it is far easier to lift a maximum load when the spine is in a strong leverage position. True a blob is only 51 – 53 lbs on average, but if that is a maximum weight it is a maximum weight…consider that.