Running down the Inch clean [The Chronicles]

Over the last three weeks I have been working with a number of variations with my challenge weights and block weights. Adding in more carries and lifts plus extra weight have been fruitful.

What are you working on?

2 thoughts on “Running down the Inch clean [The Chronicles]”

  1. Adam,

    Could a guy like me, with spondylolisthesis grade 1, train like this? I want to compete, but I’m not sure if you think it’s possible. Please let me know your thoughts

    1. Hi Andy

      I will first direct you to consult with your doctor and get clearance to train .

      Many people who have had spine / back / hip problems can safely train grip events, as the loads are typically lower compared to a body building or powerlifting modality .

      It is likely you can safely train with simple modification to ranges of motion , starting positions, and vectors for movements . If you like to discuss options for training please email me so we can talk about your current strengths and limitations. Adamtglass AT yahoo DOT com

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