How To Build Kick Ass Grip and Hand Strength, Train The Medley

In my opinion the most interesting event in grip is the medley. A bunch of challenges thrown in to a timed race.

I find medley training is my favorite way of practicing the various objects. It allows a high variety of options. Certainly more interesting then a few sets of this, a few sets of that.

In order to kick ass in a medley, you have to build up higher degrees of sustained strength. You must increase your cardiovascular fitness, and learn to control your state. Frustrations can develop quickly, particularly when you miss an item you routinely lift. At the Frostbite contest I was not doing so well, and it was very important to not get stuck on “what’s not going well.”

As you look through these you will see a ton of different objects being used. That is exactly how I train medleys in my weekly beat downs.

You do not need a huge equipment selection to successfully prepare yourself, although it certainly helps to have specific items.

Here are three recommended formats for practicing medleys

#1 Hard to Easy. Select a number of challenges in a descending order from very hard to hard. Do not waste time missing the same item. Try to get it, then move down the line. Time yourself. Focus not only on lifting more objects, but on compressing the density of the given challenge.

#2 Alternating Thick bars and Pinch lifts. Alternate challenges to give you more practice between rotating through grips. This will develop sustained hand strength and much greater thumb endurance.

#3 Same objects, escalating challenge

This is specifically how I train a lot of my equipment. The first challenge ever was lift a block weight. Then lift two, then 3 so on and so forth. After a while I begin to compress the density of the lifting all blocks. Then I add new challenges. Can I do them all with strong hand? With weak hand? Can I load them to a certain height box? Can I do power steps with them?

The only limit is your imagination and time. If you will spend a few minutes thinking about new challenges you will quickly find your way to exciting changes.