6 thoughts on “Virtual Lifting Meet 28/29 Jan 2012”

  1. FW 100 lbs DB- 1:28
    Hang (overhand grip)- 1:14
    Vulcan LV3- 21R/22L single set each hand
    One hand pinch- 24 reps

    1. This was a challenging one for me. I’m suprised how fast the minute of pinch lifts went and how difficult getting decent times on the other ones was.

  2. Farmer walk dble 48kg bells- 1:20
    Bar hang overhand grip- 1:19
    C.O.C no set close- 30/R and 26/L
    One hand pinch 2 25 lb plates-2 reps

    Age 32 body weight 175lbs

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