350 lbs Bearhug Deadlift for David Horne’s Challenge and more

This lift puts me in the #3 spot behind Nick McKinnless and David Horne

11 thoughts on “350 lbs Bearhug Deadlift for David Horne’s Challenge and more”

  1. Great to see some of your training posts back, Adam. Always very inspiring.
    The fluid movement and range of extension on your reverse push-ups was amazing. Everything else was great, but honestly that shocked me.
    Reminded me once again of a great drill that I have been neglecting and meaning to take back up more regularly.

  2. Adam, do you do pullups from all that different junk hanging with the pinch blocks? That would be fun.

  3. Bearhug Deadlift!?!?! In all of my years I’ve never seen or heard of that! Compared to a regular deadlift it doesn’t look like it’s “locked out” the same. Is that how it’s normally done? (i.e. where you’re not trying to get the torso in the full upright position?)

    The pinch-grip pullups are sick.

    Sorry, I actually just stumbled upon this site, I have no idea of what you’re training for or anything but your flexibility, strength and your grip strength is pretty impressive to say the least.


    1. Hi Kenny

      it is an assistance exercise for stone lifting. Next year in July I am going to Scotland with David Horne and Andrew Durniat to take on the many storied challenge stones of their country. I am currently performing the lift according to the standard of the challenge set by David, in competition the standard for the lift is the cross bar passing the knee caps.

      I am competitive grip athlete, currently one of the only 8 Elite ranked lifters in the North America league. take a look around the site, I am certain you will find some content which you enjoy.

      1. Adam,
        Thanks for the insight. I was personally most impressed with the pinch-grip pullups, that is ridiculous grip strength! I personally don’t do any direct grip work because my grip hasn’t faulted with deadlifts, but I’m sure that it would be worthwhile to do some stuff. I remember reading awhile back that the stronger your grip, the more you can activate the triceps, so that should help out the bench in powerlifting.

        I’m going to have to poke around the site some more for some useful stuff. I’m glad I stumbled upon your site.

        1. No one else has ever been able to pinch hang off my bar, its a great feat of pinch power.

          It is true- the stronger the hands, the more force you can produce and display. Even some minor grip work will make a measurable improvement to your PL total.

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