Guest Post from Frank Berean: Having a Biofeedback Body

Ok, so here’s my story how I met Adam and how this guy has helped me like no other person  or any dvd ever could.

My name is Frank Berean, I am 34 years old. I have been training since I was 15 years old.  Over all the the years of weight training, sports, hobbies, and just everyday life, I had collected a host of injuries and nagging pains that would never go away. I say had because with the help of Adam I am pain free now. Here’s the list of injuries I have accumulated over the years.

  • Torn groin
  • separated shoulder
  • torn right ankle
  • fractured wrist
  • torn right knee
  • Chronic pain in my right shoulder which turned even the simplest tasks in to a grind and wore me down everyday.

I am a barber by trade, and with this job comes long hours of standing in one spot with my arms extended in front of me. Everything hurt, but I still have to go work. I felt like I was in a straight jacket of pain, with no way out. I couldn’t use half of the equipment that I had collected over the years at my gym. Pull ups and chin ups were out of the question. Anything heavier then a 20kg kettlebell overhead would bring me to tears and I was so good at staying tight when I lifted I found myself unable to move.

I wanted to be get out of this pain, I was willing to do anything to get rid of it. Just to give you guys an idea of how badly I wanted out , I will list all of the things that I tried over the years.

Joint mobility- half an hour before I worked out and another 15 minutes during the day. Still Hurt.

  • Weekly visits to the  chiropractor for adjustments. Still hurt.
  • Active release therapy. Still hurt.
  • Professional massage once every two weeks. Still hurt.
  • Foam rolling. Still hurt.
  • Trigger point work. Still hurt.
  • Stretching. Still hurt.
  • Heat & cold therapy. Still hurt.
  • ARP wave treatments. Still hurt.
  • Acupuncture– Still hurt.
  • Muscle testing from a “professional” didn’t fix a thing.
  • I took more fish oil then anyone I know. Tons of vitamins.
  • I did a shit load of tgu and arm bars.
  • Prolotherapy ( injections in my sholder and groin)
  • I own over 75 dvd’s on training and ways out of pain. I own DVDs from Z health, RKC, Rmax, Function Movement, yoga, stretching, and none of these products gave me the tools to fix my body.

As I read this list I have to admit that I am a little embarrassed on all the shit I had tried and money I had spent. Ohhh the money I had spent!

You see just like Frankie Faires had put it in one of his articles, pain make you stupid. In my case very stupid! But when you are in pain for over 8 years, You feel you have no way out or no one to turn to.  I  guess it will do that to you.

This is about the time where I met Adam. I saw some of his videos that he had posted on his blog about testing movements, and boy did they make sense. I had emailed him, and we set up a time so we could talk.

We talked about all the problems that I was having and have had in the past. I was frustrated and he could tell by the desperation in my voice that I needed help. I told him, “Adam I don’t care about being strong I just don’t want to hurt anymore.” He told me that he was going to give me a tool that can be used for the rest of life and I would no longer need to buy any dvd’s or books from anyone.

He invited me to the Grip and Rip workshop and explained why testing movements could be useful to me.

So I began to test. Over and over again, dead lifts and rows were the only thing that tested well. I called Adam and told him about what was happening. I mean this was almost a month of these two movements. Not the same movement, but a different variations of it. He told me to listen to my body and do what tests best.  I listened. By time I had gotten to the grip and rip workshop I was feeling much better.

I have tried just about every training system and bullshit supplement there is. Over the years I made some good progress, but I would always hit a wall or get injured. What I had learned at the Grip and Rip workshop changed my training forever.

Since then, I’ve had so much fun training and learning about my own body. In April I attend The Movement’s first certification and I will be going to the second one in March 2011. I have trained a couple of people so far, and the results they are getting are unbelievable. It feels good to know that I will be able to teach my two sons this valuable tools of listening to ones body, and their dad is no longer chasing his tail.

Frank Berean before coaching

So what does having a biofeedback body mean to me? It meant no more pain, having a stronger and leaner body then ever before. Putting on 26 pounds of muscle. Ease of movement and work has become enjoyable again. No more discomfort with my shoulders, even when pressing heavy bells. The best of all, knowing that I am qualified to make the decisions about my training. How was it all done? By listening to my body and testing. If you want a better answer, you must ask a better question.

Frank Berean after coaching

This is what biofeedback has done for me and my body, what will having a biofeedback body mean for you?

Thank you Adam for taking the time with me and showing results again. I owe you big time.

Note From Adam.

Frank is a humble guy, so let me talk him up right now.

When Frank and I began, he was unable to press a 24kg bell. He now easily presses a 48kg bell for reps, and bottoms up presses a 40kg bell.

Frank can easily do pull ups with a 48kg bell attached to his body- that is a total of 344 lbs for strict reps.

He is on track to close the #3 Captain of Crush, he can plate curl a 35, and on a given day he lifts over 40,000 in 40 minutes.

Frank is strong.

Frank Berean is available for personal training on a limited basis in New York City. If you are in his neck of the woods I recommend you contact him today.

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15 thoughts on “Guest Post from Frank Berean: Having a Biofeedback Body”

  1. its truly amazing be injury free, right now I have a 9 1/2 inches long, by about 3-4 inches wide bruise running down the inside of my thigh though :-/

    1. Yes, but that is related to being a hockey player. getting hurt in hockey- acceptable risk which comes from playing a contact sport. getting hurt in the gym? 100% avoidable. There is no reason why anyone should get hurt lifting weights. We can prevent it.

      1. Yea your right about this adam. I tore my groin doing bbj, so i knew how i hurt it. All the other pain i was having, i had no idea where it was coming from. It was like i was being beaten in my sleep and when i woke up nobody was there.

      2. I agree 100% that injuries in the gym can be avoided. Hell I’m lucky I didn’t tear any ligament in my knee or a muscle in my quad. I think I evaded more serious injury because of all my off season training.

  2. frank

    great article buddy, you said it perfectly this is the best most effective training system and the most lifelike practical application, movement is movement and it can be tested. you will continue to destroy all your goals and injuries will not be a problem, i want to be doing this for along time just like you thanks for sharing great article great work.

    1. Thanks mike. Its the best way i have found and boy have i looked. Just look how you have progressed since starting, and you work a very physical job.

  3. thanks david. My first time writing in a long, long time. I owe it to adam and everyone in pain to tell my storey. I am sure we will all have alot more to talk about as we keep experimenting.

  4. Excellent, Frank! I feel you, chronic pain will slowly crumble the joy of life. You do BJJ? What’s your history about it?

  5. Thanks Thomas. My history is I never got a belt. I use to train with one of my friends that was going to a school in white plains. I use to train in the guys garage on quarter inch puzzle mats, lol. I trained with him for two years, I never used a gi. I never trained at a school, because I would train a ten at night, so all the schools were closed. I did go to schools for mat time. This is about the time I tore my groin. Man this set me back for a long time, I mean long time. I never really got back to it. I really liked it and I was a fast learner. Maybe one day I will start again.

  6. Interesting. Our groin muscles act like springs, so having them damaged is very bad news. Biofeedback does wonders, huh?

    1. Its sounds corny but it gave me my life back. I was missed up for a long time. My groin is still not 100% but no pain and better everyday. 5 years from now I will be even better. People keep telling me I wont look like this for for much longer because i am getting older. I tell them, I hope not, I plan on looking better.

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