Worlds Strongest Hands Grip Contest Results, August 2010 Minneapolis

Saturday 6 men came out to The Movement Minneapolis to compete in the international Worlds Strongest Hands grip contest. This event is spread out over 10 dispersed locations across Europe and the USA. Over 60 people competed globally in the first leg.

The Minneapolis grip contest participants:

  • Austin Acree, 19, Moline IL
  • David Dellanave, 26, Minneapolis MN
  • Mike T Nelson, 36, White Bear Lake MN
  • Ryan Pitts, 37, Grand Mount, IA
  • Brad Ellingson, 43, Maple Grove MN
  • Adam T Glass, 27, Minneapolis MN
From left to right: Brad, Austin, David, Mike, Ryan, Adam

The contest events were the David Horne Wrist Developer, The two hand pinch on the adjustable pinch device, and Vulcan grippers using a 20mm set. After these three events we went to FBBC 2″ vertical bar lift and double overhand axle deadlift.

Before I break it all down, I would like to express my appreciation to these these men for competing. Ryan and I do a lot of grip training, but for the other 4 this was the very first grip contest. The Worlds Strongest Hands contest events are very technical in nature and there is a learning curve to them.

The series opened with the Wrist Developer. The device is built to replicate the reverse bending movement and tests the strength of the arms, wrist, and support grip. There are three springs used for resistance, with 21 levels of difficulty in each range. Out of the 6 participants, 4 of them had never touched a wrist developer and Ryan is the only steel bender. Using the device at maximum resistance is fairly painful on the elbow and wrist.

The second event was the two hand pinch on the euro device. This event taxes the fingers and thumb. The euro is a grip contest standard and can be found in nearly every venue.

The third event was crushing strength with the Vulcan and a 20mm set. The Vulcan is an adjustable gripper which can be varied from very easy to world class difficulty. The prime challenge for this was being comfortable with the set technique and displaying a proper distance before attempting to close it.

The fourth event was the 2″ vertical bar lift. I have been working on this since December with a goal to set a world record in contest setting. The beauty of the 2″ V bar is a low technical curve. You grab the bar and lift it.

The fifth event was deadlifting on the 2″ diameter axle with a double overhand grip. The objective is to grab the bar and lift to a full extension.

Here are some random clips from the contest of different lifts and events. Not all bests were captured on film, but I found some good ones. We were running several cameras and a few got lost in the middle.

I hit the numbers I wanted on the Wrist Developer and Vulcan, my pinch was way off. I look forward to a big improvement with the pinch next month. I expect a 16 close on the Vulcan and level 9 bend on the wrist developer which will bump my placement by several spots.

The scores have been posted on World of Grip. Placements are as follows: Out of 59 global competitors I finished #10, Ryan Pitts #38, Austin Acree #42, David Dellanave #44, Mike T Nelson #52, and Brad Ellingson #54. I predict much better placements in the next leg of the contest with the participants being more familiar with the events.

The next leg of the series is 11 September 2010, starting at 10 am at The Movement Minneapolis. The contest location is 2089 East Center Circle, Plymouth MN. The events will be Wrist Developer, Two Hand Pinch, Vulcan, 2″ Vertical Bar, and overhand axle deadlift.

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  1. Well done guys! Good to see people stepping up and competing 🙂

    I placed #37 and I’m going to work hard to move up the ranks, I expect the same from you guys because I don’t want it to be easy! 😀

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