Product Review: David Horne’s Vulcan Gripper…Buy This!

One of the distinct side effects of getting in to Grip strength is equipment hoarding, which I have wrote about here in the past. Of all the shit you will pile up, torsion spring grippers are on the top of the list.

At first we all thought the same thing. I will buy a Captain of Crush (COC) #1, #2, and #3 and be good. The #1 kicks your ass, the #2 is hard sand the #3 is not going anywhere. So you buy more grippers to close the gaps.

Soon your closing a #3 (and you will do it really fast if after you reads THIS ARTICLE and watch the gripper block in Grip and Rip 2.1) and you set your sights on tougher grippers– Mash Monster Ladder, COC Certs, FBBC Certs, Beefbuilder Elites, COC 3.5’s, HG 350’s. Once again you buy even more grippers.

Than you find all kinds of weird and novel grippers like the Tetting retro models and narrow set grippers. You end up buying those too…because they are of course awesome.

You will crack and get some Tune Up Grippers (TUGs) but if you’re like me these go straight to the wall and you never fuck with them except the one time when you first opened the package.

Are you picking up what I am putting down? $60 can turn in to $300 or more really fast.

There is of course the adjustable Ivanko Super Gripper (called the ISG in the grip world) but I think its a piece of shit which does not help much with closing grippers for contest or certification. I have owned my ISG longer than you have, and I am solid on this stance that they are shitty. Plus the handle placement chews up the palms.

Surely someone could make this right?

David Horne did. He technically did two years ago, but this week was my first chance to play with a Vulcan. After training with it today I am having a serious rash of “wish I had known.” This thing is awesome.

The Vulcan is an adjustable spring gripper with legs like a standard torsion gripper. This allows you to train a set (hand position of the device before close) and get the action of closing end to end. The gripper adjusts through 21 levels of difficulty ranging from under a COC Trainer to over a COC #4. I believe 5 or 6 men have closed the Vulcan at level 21 or higher.

I think this is a one stop shop for grippers. You don’t have to continue purchasing  more and more grippers, and you are getting the same feel of a TSG. If you buy one of the additional weaker or harder springs to go with the standard one you have over 40 different levels of difficulty. David has listed the types of springs on the site, I think there is 4 or 5 of them…

Weaker springs really come in to play for Women. The hardest part of grip training for women right now is there are only a tiny number of grippers which are stacked in the right amounts of resistance. The 5 dollar gripper at the local sporting goods store is too easy, the COC Trainer is too hard. A female could easily start with some rubber bands on the jaws of the Vulcan and progress one click at a time using different amounts of band tension to micro load. I think Davids wife Elizabeth can close the Vulcan at level 11, and I know for a fact 99% of men would miss that one all day. So yes ladies, epic grip greatness is an option for you too.  

Adding to the awesomeness, David has designed pinch training tools which attach to the Vulcan, the newest one being the “Tombstone” which is used to train two hands pinch. That is going on my Xmas wish list.

So this is my new shiny thing to add to the goal tracker. I have been working with intention to close a COC #4 and certifiy on the COC #3 and COC #3.5, as well as climb the Mash Monster ladder in the next two years…now I add going after the Level 21-24 closes.

David is not paying me for endorsement, I do not make money off the sale of this product. I am reviewing this equipment because it is truly a fantastic addition to your training if you love grip. David has been a founding father to grip sport and a huge supporter to my training and knowledge over the years. He has won a shit load of contest and owned several world records– the man is literally a legend in this fringe sport. He knows grip.

When I got my Vulcan in, I was expecting to top out at level 13, which is listed on the site as a #3 COC level difficultly. Today I got several closes at Level 15, which is closer towards an Beefbuilder Elite or COC#3.5.

Level 15 Close with Gold Spring from Mash Monster Set (MMS)

I believe by the time the first leg starts of Worlds Strongest Hands in August I will crushing level 17…We will see. I need a decent gripper placing to back up my reverse bending and pinch.

My journey continues, what about yours?

If you want to buy a Vulcan, or check out lots of info on Grip Sport, go to David Hornes Site look around, and drop in on the Forum. It is the only Forum I read anymore…one of the few places where the talk stays on training and the people who do the talking are training…what a concept that is.

ATG out

7 thoughts on “Product Review: David Horne’s Vulcan Gripper…Buy This!”

  1. I own a Vulcan and it is definitely the daddy of all grippers! Throw in the thumbscrews or the new tombstone and you’ve got an amazing grip set up.

    I don’t think there is a single product on David Hornes site that isn’t immensely good value for money, the wrist developer saves you a fortune in the long run for bending steel.

  2. Adam when u order from his site does it convert to us dollars for you? Or do u have to contack him.

    1. Frank,

      David takes payment through Paypal, so drop him an email with the items you want and he will give you a total price inc shipping and then you just use paypal and set the currency to British Pound 🙂

      David generally replies to emails within an hour, he’s like an automated robot with the grip like Terminator!

    1. Hey tell them pass on the thumb screws and get the tombstone instead, you will like it more. It feels like a TTK or Euro pinch

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