Important information about YOUR program

In all cases make it fun.

There is a lot said on the topic of fitness, but what is not said enough is to make things fun.

  • Do not over complicate it to point of no fun
  • Do not over simplify it to the point of no fun

If you are not excited to do whatever you choose to do for fitness every day, it may be time to rearrange some things to find the enjoyment again.
Of the top 5 complaints I hear from people about their fitness program “It’s not fun anymore” is almost always in the top 2.

What makes fitness fun?


make no mistake, when you are achieving your desired results you will be having fun. If there is any doubt in your mind, just ask anyone who you see tweeting their daily PRs- they will tell you it is fun again.

If you are out there making gains, having fun, and breaking your own personal records daily I want to know about it!

On twitter- post your PRs with hash tage #PReveryday and it will update in the daily feed.

On this page, post your results in the daily PR thread.

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11 thoughts on “Important information about YOUR program”

  1. One of the first things I noticed about the gym movement protocol was that testing made my workouts fun, and for multiple reasons.:
    One, it showed immediate progress as doing certain moves instantly increased ROM, making testing exciting to see which exercises correlated with what and then for fun trying to explain to myself why that exercise might have tested well.
    Two, it reinforced that training to failure in any way is mainly not the best way to get stronger fast, and there’s nothing worse than an exercise so hard that you don’t want to do it. Now I test different aspects of it or strengthen the contra specific exercise and am set at getting better every day.
    Three, It does away with a lot of unnecessary and tedious things that just don’t seem important when it comes to focus on a specific goal or goals.
    Four, you get better every day and injuries (in my case wrist pain probably from too many heavy kb cleans) heal themselves, seriously 2 days and it was gone, and I was still doing intense trainings.
    Five, and I’ll make this the last one for now, almost instantly improved posture and quality of movement. Knowing that training better makes you better does away with a lot of the thoughts of ‘I wonder what imbalance I’m developing’. An individual willingly invests time into the things he or she enjoys, and it’s hard not to enjoy instant results that make you feel and look better.

    I train smarter and more goal oriented because of The Movement, and that’s what makes it fun.

  2. Hey Adam!

    Speaking of working out and having fun, do you have any tips on how to implement biofeedback into a “boot camp” class? I definitely don’t want to do the typical “do this exercise for 2-4 minutes until your form sucks ” type of thing that will probably end up hurting my clients in the long run more than anything.

    By the way, thanks for all that you, Frankie, Mike T, and everyone else involved with spreading the Movement gospel have done for us. The Movement is truly nothing short of amazing.

      1. Adam,

        When are you moving to the Twin Cities? I actually live about 25-30 minutes south of Mike Nelson so if you are moving sometime soon, maybe it would be better to meet in person and maybe even go through some biofeedback stuff also.

  3. Your right adam fun add it to anything you want to get better at and you see results.
    people need to loosen up and smile. Gym movement makes me smile because i feel good and get better everyday looking forward to what lies a head my friend all good stuff for sure

  4. Training is so much fun again, because I have grown to really enjoy the testing process. I do what tests well and my body thanks me with an awesome workout and rapid gains. Can’t wait for GNR 2.1.

      1. It’s been great. Since I have moved to a different gym my focus as of late has been BJJ and a little Judo. I’m getting married the same day as the next big tournament so that is out, but I have plenty of time to gear up for the Oregon Open this fall.

        I’m noticing that GM training isn’t hampering my time on the mats. I can hit my strength and conditioning hard but still have plenty of gas to get some solid mat time during the week.

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