Post Your PR’s: PR Thread 1 May – 1 June 2010

In the month of April well over 500+ PRs were reported on the PR thread alone, and when we add the tweets of those who did not post it goes over 700+

THAT is what progress is all about. Getting better everyday, in whatever way we can.

It does not matter how forward movement comes to us, it is only important to continue moving.

As you continue to improve you learn to appreciate every type of PR you can set: More weight on the bar, more reps in the set, more total reps in the block, more total sets in the workout, doing more work in less time, moving cleaner, reducing and eliminating pain.

You quickly understand there is no such thing as a “bad” PR when we find progress. Additionally I believe there are no “minor” or “little” PRs. Every step forward is a step forward. This brings you closer to your goal, whatever it may be.

Place results first; question everything you know and put it all to the test. Eliminate the things you do not need, and polish the things you do.

This is my challenge to you


132 thoughts on “Post Your PR’s: PR Thread 1 May – 1 June 2010”

  1. 11 May 2010
    Snatch PR, lateral raise density/volume, wrist work intensity/density/volume, reverse curl intensity/density/volume, close grip push ups

  2. 12 May 2010

    curl, reverse curl, plate wrist curl, plate reverse wrist curl– All density and volume PRs

    Snatch PR, lateral raise PR and pinch density

    1. Hey Frank,
      I asked for the video before, mate; looked awesome! Congrats on the achievement, sounds like it’s come a long way.

      1. thanks piers and adam for the kind words. I wish you guys could have seen the one i did a couple of weeks ago. It blew this one away.

  3. 14 Mar 2010

    V bar huge numbers tonight, Snatch PR+30 reps to total for single set, long cycle speed- 19 reps in 1 minute. Pretty great workout, Have a show for a cancer benefit tomorrow

  4. Thursday 13.5.2010

    Axle Press volume/density, crow stand 1 min, CC step 4 push-up volume, step 2 pull-up volume, density.

    I’m still recovering from gluteal amnesia. For some reason deadlifts test well even when the load has shifted to my lumbar area.

  5. May 14 2010
    1 Arm Rows: Intensity
    Deadlifts: Volume
    Long Cycle: Intensity and Density

  6. 12/05/2010

    BB rows – Movement quality PR and density.
    Bilateral Plate Curl Intensity PR


    DB Hammer Curl – Vol. @ Intensity; Reps/set @ intensity.

  7. 16/05/2010 – 3 PRs.

    Volume PR for bilateral Plate Curl of 5kg+2.5kg per hand.
    Max reps/set PR for same.

    Intensity PR, first time curling unilateral 5+5kg Plate Curl sandwich.
    Very happy with this one, as my wrists have always been a weak link for me and they (plus my thumbs) are obviously getting better. EVERY DAY.

  8. 15 May 2010

    Snatch +30 reps to single hand switch set

    bending at the show– absolutely dominated a 7/16X6″ drill bit, one of my best reverse bends ever

  9. 16 May 2010

    LCCJ intensity (speed and reps) and density
    1″ V bar density
    Reverse curl- intensity, density, volume

  10. Been away for awhile. 2 jobs will do that to you…

    Anyway, today:

    Chins: Density
    GSQ’s: PR’s in all metrics
    TGU’s: Density, Volume, Quality
    COC #1: Volume, Denisty, Intensity

  11. Weighted Hammer Pullups: Intensity, Density, Volume
    C.C. Tempo Pushups: Density, Quality
    Dbl Suitcase DL’s: Density, Intensity,
    32kg Swings: Quality

  12. 17 May 2010

    Long cycle intensity/density, reverse curls, wrist work, two hand pinch intensity/volume

  13. tonights training, chin ups intensity,volume, density. Floor press with the 28kg for intensity, volume, density. swings intensity, volume, density. Right now i am leaner at 234 then i was at 218. I really can’t believe it. I keep saying to myself, this week i am going to start eating really good, but it never happens. I wonder what will happen when i buckle down and really eat.

    1. Been having trouble with what feels like an inflamed tendon in my left shoulder I picked up at work. I haven’t been able to find a shoulder movement that tests well except the Russian pole move from super joints. In the meantime I have been starting other drills that don’t aggravate my shoulder.

      April 16: Lever Bar curls Volume
      April 17: Deadlifts Volume

  14. Wed: double overhand deadlift intensity PR. 190 kg (420 lbs).

    It wasn’t easy or smooth. But all the sets leading up to the PR were, so I don’t really feel like I forced it too much.

    What really helped, like Adam and others mentioned, was making the movement as simple as possible. I always used to concentrate on tensing the right muscles and holding my back in the right position when deadlifting. Now I just said to myself: bend and straighten up.

  15. Today

    Rows: Density, Volume
    Close Pushups: All metrics
    Front Squat: Volume, Density, Quality
    Farmer’s Walks
    24kg Snatches: Intensity

  16. 20 May 2010

    Best two hands pinch yet– very clean 235, lifted 240 about 6 inches off the floor.

    V bar was strong today on both the 1″ and 2″- great pulls and density in both of those

    Reverse bending intensity PR

  17. Big ass PR’s in the long cycle and snatch test yesterday. Density, volume and movement quality, despite feeling like crap and really not wanting to train.

    13min of work, 16,632lbs moved. A rate of 1,279lbs moved per minute.

    First time maintaining a 1000+lb per minute rate during a workout, and it was waaaaaay easier than I had thought.

      1. 10 minutes of LCCJ with double 24’s – 6 easy sets of 10 which kind of freaked me out since I never knock out sets of 10 at that weight, at least not before yesterday.

        3 minute Snatch test – 24kg and same rules as the standard test, only two minutes shorter. Hit 75 reps here (a 125 rep 5min pace) and this was only with 60 seconds of rest from the Long Cycles.

        I think I placed my GNR 2.1 order at 1015am today hahaha. This stuff has been blowing me away and I don’t even have the meat and potatoes of GM! Can’t freaking wait for those DVD’s…and I see how you got up to that 48kg BUP and the fact that it was “easy”. Despite putting in some serious work yesterday, at no point did I feel like I was getting my ass kicked, much more of me doing the ass kicking 🙂

  18. 10 min block Double KB Front Squat @ 32+32kg – 7 easy sets of 5, PR’s in Movement Quality and Intensity.

    8 min block Neutral Grip Chins – 2×1,2,3,4,5 and 2×1,2,3,4 – Reps were a breeze but had to fight a little for the last set. More tension and body english then I would have liked, but still a nice Density PR.

    I was quite certain I’d be smoked from yesterday, but after today’s training session I’m still feeling aces.

  19. Saturday
    Intensity PR in pinch grip deadlift
    Volume and intensity on weighted pullups
    volume on axle press

    Also got banned from the Dragondoor forum, apparently for being helpful and never saying one negative word to anyone. More to come.

    1. WTF MAN!!! That’s total fucking bullshit!!! Sorry but DD has been pissing me off lately with some of their political nonsense and I can’t see you being banned as anything but that. You’ve done nothing but inspire, motivate and help those on the boards and this is what you get?

      This is no doubt tied into Gym Movements and Biofeedback. Sorry but this shit is the real deal, just like Z Health. So blackball these phenomenal training methods (and the awesome people in them) as a response? I thought the RKC was about getting better, it seems only if you are playing by their rules.

      Shit Josh I’m probably more fired up about this then you are, but this crap has become a trend of DD’s lately. How long before they put (if they haven’t already) the axe to Adam and Brad Nelson? Fucking clown shoes if you ask me.

      Sorry for being so “colorful” but this is absurd.

      1. Thanks Casey. I like colorful:)

        I’m not fired up at all. Just a little sad. Disappointed in them. I wanted to believe that it was more than a company, even when people said the bottom line was all that mattered. I was always proud to be an RKC. I’ve made more progress than anyone on that board in the last year and they know it. They can’t have people on there with the audacity to get stronger than everyone else while using slightly different methods. I also said I’d be the first one to admit it when GM quit working for me. I was just fiddling around, having fun with my training. I never went on the attack and I had no interest in animosity or being subversive.

        I really enjoyed that community. That’s why I spent so much time there.

        I wrote several hundred posts. They were either:
        1. saying hi to the new guy
        2. saying “good job”
        3. answering questions
        4. talking about training

        If someone would have said, “Quit talking about GM or you’ll have to leave,” I might have quieted down. If someone had said, “What you’re doing isn’t working here,” I probably would have stopped, because I loved the interaction over there. I wouldn’t have forced it. I figured if I was out of line they would have said so. But nobody ever said anything other than “Strong work Josh!”

        Now I pay for their greed and paranoia and unwillingness just to talk to me. Oh well.

        1. wow… that’s just sad.

          I don’t remeber any of your posts that would be ban worthy. Tho I can not say the same for ddn. It just seems out of the blue to me. There has not been any recent posts where the subject of GM has come up.

          It’s just sad.

  20. Mega huge awesome honkin bad ass PR in the LCCJ today. I was only messing around today, meant to be an off day and ended up knocking off 50 straight reps of the Long Cycle with double 16’s in 2min and 53 seconds. I wanted to hit more, but that would have been at the cost of excess tension and poor movement quality, so 50 it is. Nevertheless I am VERY happy with this PR, I didn’t think I would get anything close to this!

  21. Yesterday was an off day, and some slight muscle soreness was present.

    Today the double C&P and double snatch tested well.

    10min block Double C&P @ 28’s


    20 reps in 10 minutes compared to 27 reps in 20 minutes the last time I C&P’d double 28’s. Massive Density PR, literally a 100+ percent improvement from last time.

    10min block Double Snatch @ 24’s


    70 total reps in 10 minutes. Last time I trained the double snatch I hit 40 reps in 7 minutes using the 20’s. Yet another huge Density PR, along with Intensity.

    Work Time / Rate – 20 minutes, 12,348lbs moved. 617lbs/min

    The Movement is for real.

  22. 5-24

    After a 4 day layoff, where I traveled back home for a weekend getaway, and participated in nothing BUT whiskey, scotch, beer, and fast food PR’s……

    Best Pressing session I’ve ever, all metric PR’s.
    Best Tactical Pullup session ever, all metric PR’s.
    Snatch volume and quality.
    COC volume.
    And bridging quality and volume.

    Yes sir!

  23. 23 May 2010

    Two hands pinch– 237 1/2 best pull ever all the way up
    PR in volume with 210lbs pulls

    2″ V bar 250X10 right hand/6 Left hand PR for most reps in weight

    Handstand PR in time hold

    Club work w/12lbs clubs at full speed

    Snatch +5 reps with single hand switch set

    PR in cadence for one hand jerk

  24. 24/05/10 – PR on Plate Curl – reps/set with 5kg plate. Aborted due to interruption.

    25/05/10 – PRs on DB Hammer Curl – Vol @ 15kg; Vol @ 12.5kg & Total Volume.

    On the 24th I also did my first ever paid session with someone interested in Kettlebells. When I walked away, he was not only sure he wanted to book in to see me every week, but his eyes were literally glowing with interest in biofeedback based methods. Sweet.

    1. Note I have no qualifications or business in fitness, so the paid session was generated purely by reputation that I practice what I preach and don’t just talk shit. If it was a career ( at THIS point…) and I only had one client lined up, I’d be worried, haha.

      1. Nice work Piers. I’m looking to start implementing biofeedback into my KB class and personal training.

        Yesterday I rolled the hell out of my ankle, so I’ll be off the PR thread for an unknown amount of time.

  25. Tuesday:
    Big volume PRs in weighted pullups and barbell military presses
    Also, finally pulled 185 on the Rolling Thunder. Frank, I’m racing you to 200. Where are you?

    1. josh my best was i think 181, but i haven’t even tried it in months. I will try to test it this week to see where i am at. You got it buddy.

  26. 1 leg DL 32 kg/100, lay’n down press 16kg/100, anchored hamstring lowers 50, push-ups 60 – increase reps per set in same time #PReveryday

  27. kb press with the 20kg, volume density. Head cast with the 20 pound clubs. These would have ripped my shoulder out of the sockets a while back. i have come a long way with my shoulders. They still can get better,and so can everything.

  28. ok my pr’s tonight. Deads 225 for a couple of sets of 22 reps overhand really easy. Rolling thunder i was able to do a single with 190 with my rigtht hand. I think i could have done more. I missed 200. The kicker is i haven’t done these since march 14th. And my previous best was 181, but i use to add the weight of the pin and rolling thunder , which weigh 7 pounds. So i went up 16 pounds since last time. 2 inch pinch curls with 20 pounds 3 4/4 inch from the top. I did a couple sets of 8 reps..

    Ok so on to my friend i train, joe. He started with me 4 weeks ago, weighed 181 20% on my tantia scale. Tonight 178 and 17%. His waist is down one inch and a quarter. Arms are a quarter bigger, chest is down a quarter, forearms up a half inch. He is way leaner. He told me his pants are very loose on him. Every two weeks he gets a massage, and the lady asked what he has been doing because he looks different and not only that but he has no more knots in his back. He just said biofeedback baby. she said wtf he just laughed. I will post the results of my other guys when i get them.

    1. Damn Frank- sets of 22 overhand? Your support grip is getting really strong now

      I am very happy to hear about your friend, what a wonderful thing to be able to help him get better

  29. 27/05/2010 –
    Push-Up Vol.
    DB Arnold Press – Vol & Density
    Plate Curl – Vol

  30. thanks adam, yea i think my support grip i is my strong point with grip. I do like it better the the one over one under because i feel better when doing it. My buddy is toatlly hooked on gym movement. My atitude toward training people is so much different. I am laid back, and let people do what they want, i just tell them what i think might test well . Then they do the test and see. I have even trained my wife a couple times. Where as in the past she says “I would hate to train with u the way you are.” I think it may have something to do with when we met , i took her to the gym and had her due arms until they almost fell off. Ever since she never wanted for use to be in the gym at the same time.LOL Oh the memories.

  31. kb press 20kg volume 180 presses per hand. I trained this 3xs this week. I added all the reps i did with the 20 kg bell and i did 418 reps per hand. You kow what my shoulders are not one big sore. My body weight is a all time high 236.4 and same body fat it was at 218. the funny thing is i have not ate much food at all. My goal of 250 is around the corner. I just would have never thought i would be a lean 250. Now with this way of training i know i will be. May i under even made my goal too small, who knows.

    I took new pics and measurements of 2 of my friends i train tonight. Neil is up from 170 to 176 in four weeks. All measurements are up and waist is down. Feeling better as the weeks go by. He said it feels like all the tension is melting away from his body. It feels good to train people and get the results they want.

  32. 28 May 2010

    Pinch Swings 38lbs for 100 reps in 10 minutes- best reps @weight

    Jerk 15 minute set @14 reps per minutes never set it down
    Snatch 10 minutes @20 reps per minute

  33. 29 May 2010

    Two hands pinch best ever pull 240lbs @ 225lbs bad fucking ass

    Jerk 10 minute set with 24kg bell averaging 13 reps per minute

    Snatch 15 minute set @21 rep per minute
    Hand stands PR in time held

    1. awesome work josh, thats impresive. are you noticing that if you do type of training example a volume workout or density that it carries over better for you? I have just started to experiment with high voume for pressing. This week i did 418 reps per hand with the 20kg. Not heavy at all but i am trying to see if i can do them so easy that it will carry over bettter for me. Then i am going to do a volume with lower reps and see what works better for me. Just wondering if you have noticed one thing that sticks out with your pressing.

      thanks josh

      1. Frank, not really. I think my split on heavy/low volume to light/high volume pressing probably works out somewhere in the neighborhood of 60/40. I do notice a lot of pressing strength when I’m doing lots of jerks, as I have been. But no, nothing that really sticks out, but I’m not tracking things as in-depth as some people.

  34. Ok the only thing I’ve not been able to set a record in is posting the PR’s. I’ll summarize some of the highlight from the last two weeks of May.

    Bending Intensity: 5/16 HRS and Grade 8 Bolts. My favorite
    Deadlifts: Volume, Intensity. Hit an easy 375. Old best was 360 at a TSC
    Plate curls: Volume, Density Intensity
    Rows: Volume, Density Intensity

    A good two weeks.

  35. floor press with the 24’s intensity, volume,density
    overhand deads 275 intensity, density
    kneeling bup with 20 kb intensity, volume, density
    axle curls with 90 pounds intensity, volume, density

    body weight all time high 237.4 and lowest body fat reading on my scale. 250 here i come. this is going to be easier then i thought.

    Got one of the guys i have been training out of pain. He had bad real bad siatic pain. Checked a bunch of micro movements. Found a couple that increased rom. When he started his rom test it was top of thigh. After micro movements, mid shin. Did bottoms up press, go figure he was bottom of his shin. He then continued the rest of his workout. Man great feeling helping him like that. The rest of the guys i have been training are doing really well. They are changing there bodies without diet changes. They are shocked.

    1. Frank, you may not have noticed, but your writing is getting a lot better. Trust me.

      1. Thanks josh, that means along coming from you. Did you get a chance to look on this thread, I replied to your bup the 40kg.

  36. This week I’ve hit a ton of pressing PRs. Volume and reps/set in BUP with the 40. And I hit a ton of triples with 44kg stacked pressing.

  37. Since last post:
    Volume PR in unilateral 16kg KB Press.
    Volume PR in Push-ups (x2)
    Volume @ 1RM PR in DB Hammer Curls (6 singles and 1 double set – ROM kept testing well, looking forward to a few new PRs soon).

    Biggest PRs of the week though are 2 non-exercise ones:
    1) First full bio-feedback oriented training session with my KB oriented client. He loved it enough to message me afterward just to tell me how much he was looking forward to our next session. Great.

    2) Work colleague has a lazy eye and has to wear glasses all the time. Convinced her to let me go through some tests with her. Amazed her with the fact her Toe Touch ROM went from knee-cap to mid-shin just after a test 3 three anti-clockwise eye circles tracking the tip of my pen. Instant believer in ROM testing; can’t wait to see what improvements she gets as she implements!

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