Post Your PR’s: PR Thread 1 May – 1 June 2010

In the month of April well over 500+ PRs were reported on the PR thread alone, and when we add the tweets of those who did not post it goes over 700+

THAT is what progress is all about. Getting better everyday, in whatever way we can.

It does not matter how forward movement comes to us, it is only important to continue moving.

As you continue to improve you learn to appreciate every type of PR you can set: More weight on the bar, more reps in the set, more total reps in the block, more total sets in the workout, doing more work in less time, moving cleaner, reducing and eliminating pain.

You quickly understand there is no such thing as a “bad” PR when we find progress. Additionally I believe there are no “minor” or “little” PRs. Every step forward is a step forward. This brings you closer to your goal, whatever it may be.

Place results first; question everything you know and put it all to the test. Eliminate the things you do not need, and polish the things you do.

This is my challenge to you


132 thoughts on “Post Your PR’s: PR Thread 1 May – 1 June 2010”

  1. grippers, blobs, deadlifts long cycle , outstanding month in side and outside the gym pr in both, outstanding

  2. Long cycle density, Bent press volume, Club swipes volume, shield case and reverse shield cast volume, hanging knee raise volume

  3. PR’s across the board tonight in Chins, Deadlifts, Front Squats, and Push-ups. Intensity for BUP Press.

  4. 100 snatches 24kg. 4 mins. 59 sec. – Jandas 12kg. inverted 120 – V-ups 100, Pistols 12kg 30 per leg #PReveryday

    1. WOW. Great job on those snatches, Kathi! I don’t know of any other woman who has hit that mark. Someone correct me if you can.

    2. Kathi you are on a whole different level. Congrats with your progress.

  5. lccj pr today with 24kg more weight less time the train keeps rollin

  6. 1 May 2010

    bent press intensity/density

    Long Cycle 24kg intensity, density
    16kg density

    Reverse shield cast intensity/density

  7. Friday: Broken tooth. Got a crown yesterday.
    Saturday: Broken Crown.
    Huge PRs in pain and annoyance (and gap-toothed handsomeness). Thank you Tourette’s!

    1. Well, a PR is a PR.

      Are you still working on Convict Conditioning? Haven’t heard about that in a while. Ordered the book and am curious about your progress.

      Good luck with the teeth.

      1. Yes, I’m still working a couple of the progressions as often as they test well.

  8. Today Pressing quality and volume, getting consistent strict presses with the 32kg on my right, left is close on a strict press… also handstand quality, juggling patterns and did a handstand on handles of 2x24kg to double snatch to flips to over/under throw combo thing for the first time (will get a clip asap)… fun stuff!!!
    Also big PR in weather today!!! SPRING!!!!!

  9. Haven’t been tracking too well lately, but some definites anyway.

    Plate curl intensity PR with a few reps each side of a 5+2.5kg plate sandwich.
    Reps/set PR with unilateral 24kg KB press.
    PR in movement quality running up escalators to go break up a mob fight at work. Running up a steep moving escalator felt no different in effort from running on flat, which was pretty sweet.

    1. Oh yeah, also I woke up yesterday with a headache so bad that after 1 hour of it hanging around, I wanted to throw up.

      Then I tested pistols for my experiment results and doing the movement that tested well…. cured my headache.

      Ibuprofen didn’t. Coffee didn’t. Isochronic tones didn’t.
      Good movement did. Why? Who cares? It worked.

  10. 03/05/10 – 2 PRs.

    1-Arm KB Press – Less time to achieve prev. Volume record.
    Super Gripper – PR reps/set @ 3+6 intensity.

  11. I’m back,

    Deadlift Volume Pr
    Push up max reps PR
    Set a baseline for chin ups

    1. Added on another movement while at work;
      Volume PR on 2x20kg DB Arnold Press (over 200% increase).

  12. Hey all, first post,
    KB MP 32kg Intensity PR
    Convict Cond. Uneven Bridges volume PR.

  13. Tore a deck of cards in under 8 seconds. Not bad from an ugly 4 and half minutes to this. Chin up volume and density. Lccj with 40 pounders for volume and density. Plate pinched two 35 pound plates with a 5 pound plate mate on each side. Total pounds 80 for a Rep each hand.

    1. Frank,
      That deck tear sounds awesome, mate. Didn’t happen to video it, did you? Love to see it; even more so the two side by side (4.5min versus 8sec).

  14. I’m getting better at predicting when to end a set. That is big gain for me. I have learned that I was going a few reps too far. I started testing post set and have become more tuned in to my body’s signals of the elements of effort.

    I’ve also been playing around, literally. Cartwheels, handstands, egg rolls, tripods, somersaults, crawling, log rolls. Today, after playing, I noticed that I walked differently. I could really feel the ground. I felt steady, balanced, strong. (Some of you have witnessed my hideous feet in action, so you understand that “feeling” the ground is a big movement PR for me.)

    It has to be quite a sight to see a 5’11”, 38-year-old woman rolling around the Tae Kwon Do room at the the gym. I do get a bit dizzy, but I’m predicting the more I roll, the less dizziness I’ll experience. I’ll let you know how I progress.

  15. Chins – Density, Intensity, and Volume
    Pushups, CC Tempo – Density, Intensity, and Volume
    Swings – Intensity

  16. PR’s today in the following movements: Goblet Squat, Rows, TGU’s, and Swings

    Feel great!

  17. PR: Got hired for a job 5 minutes into the interview this morning.

    For the record, I did not test.

  18. First PR post.

    Wed. bench press density, weighted pull up density
    Thu. pistols density

    It took me a while to get used to training this way, especially stopping a set at tension. Had to lower the weight on some exercises. But now I have, it’s strange to realize how much discomfort and pain I used to accept as normal when training.

  19. Pullups (band-assisted) – volume and density PR
    Sumo DL + Dbl C&P superset – volume and density PR
    Tripods – time holding PR

    It was a big day for me. Ate a big steak and some brussels sprouts for supper. Topped it off with real ice cream (vanilla). Ready to sleep.

  20. 6 may 2010

    reverse wrist plate curls volume and density, plate pinch hammer curls density and volume, finally got my back to align from all the driving the last three days, which felt so much better. head aches decreased slightly last three days which is my best PR in months


  21. Lccj 35pounders 139 reps in 20 min. Starting to get smoother. Chin up density. Reads 325 sets of 7 reps until they stopped testing good.

  22. deadlidfts overhand density and volume
    ring pushups volume and intensity
    thursday night\ snatches with 32kg volume and internsity

    chinups volume and intensity
    snatches with 24kg bell intensity and volume
    been a great week body gave me a ton of snatching, no side effects

  23. LCCJ 2-16kg 120/10min-<60 rep same time, Hanging heavybag from the guard sit-up 60 reps, brigdes fingertip to heel 24-1/2" i-d-v-#PREVERYDAY

  24. PR’s today:
    Weighted Chins – Volume, Intensity, Density.
    Goblet Squats – Density
    Leg Raises – Volume, Quality
    32kg Swings – Density, Intensity

    And the icing on the cake, 2 singles each arm STRICT military press with the 32kg. Previous best bell was the 24kg…

    That’s a 32kg strict press with ease in 33 days since starting GM.
    I’m getting the hang of this thing, and pretty soon it’s going to be dangerous…

  25. Friday May 7: BOTTOMS UP PRESS with the 48 kilo kettlebell. yahoo! The best part was, this happened AFTER a 10 minute pressing block with the 28s.

    When things test well, do not ignore it!

    1. That is so impressive. You are moving incredibly fast with this. Most be only a month or two ago that you did the 40 kg BUP. Did you video it?

      1. No, Jeroen. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to go up so easily (or at all!), so I wasn’t ready. I’ll get a video in the next week, if the fates will it:)

  26. Sun May 9: BUP 24 kg intensity & quality PR. Place curl intensity (10 kg) PR. Me happy. Somehow this seems to be working.

  27. Pinch plates rows, plate curls, swings, hindu push-ups, reverse hindu push-ups, pull-ups, intesity – density – volume #PReveryday

  28. BUP 32kg with the right after quite a bit of reps/sets at lighter weight. Working on the left.

  29. 11/05/2010 – Big Double Overhand Barbell DL session.
    Managed to sneak it in while at work and my phone’d died, so no times for density.
    Lifted max intensity for 3 singles (up from 1); then 3 sets of 3 with 90%, then equal to max reps in a single set /w approx 80%.
    Added in plate curls and some Hammer Curls for fun. I suspect Plate Curls would’ve been density, but won’t make it official with no timing.

  30. There is always something that we struggle with – I have several things that I struggle with but I am referring to pull-ups – – they have never felt just right. Today pull-ups felt great & looked great – collar bone to the bar – a straight pull – it felt GREAT, pistols 16 kg double + reps from yesterday, goblet squat 32kg. #PREVERYDAY

  31. Up a bell size today – pistols w/20kg – that is three bell sizes this week, R/R 24kg, inverted ring pull-ups, pull-ups (still perfect form – it was not a dream), russian twist w/16kg. #PReveryday

  32. Tuesday:
    50 lb squat PR (don’t ask, it’s not much yet)
    pullups volume
    Rolling thunder = 181 lbs right hand

    Distress training – 100 snatches in 3:50. Not too bad.

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