PR Thread 3 April to 1 May 2010

Post your daily Personal Records as you break them. See what the rest of the community is up and throw down your 2 cents.

This month I am cracking on the long cycle clean and jerk and working to tear this vertical bar lift up. I believe I can turn the scale needle over 250lbs with the speed work.

What are you doing?

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  1. 16th April. 3 PRs today …

    increase in set volume of jerks.
    increase in session volume of jerks.
    increase in session volume of ring pushups.

  2. My PR’s are all on Twitter this week, under Bradjohnson23, but I think I have a more important one to post.

    I have helped my first legitimate client to progress in one month from swinging a 10lb dumbell to easily and repeatedly cleaning and pressing the 20kg bell. At no time during this month did he feel uncomfortable or as if he “worked hard.”

    He has literally never done non-biofeedback weight-training. I find it easier to teach people who have fewer preconcieved notions.

    1. Congrats, Brad. I’m having trouble accepting people I have spoken to to give up the Hard Work myth. All the people I’ve spoken to/worked with have been sucked so far into the typical bodybuilder failure shit that the idea of working any “less” seems ridiculous to them. Never mind that I can outperform them at almost anything they throw at me.

  3. PR’s today in leg raises, swings, high pulls, and BUP Presses.

    And I’m not even tired. Ready to go again.

  4. PR in knowledge of my own body as a system.

    17/04/2010 – After an exhausting day plus under 4 hours of sleep, went to work at 0500hrs and decided to test movements to see what I could work on in the gym during work time.
    Everything tested badly. Shockingly infact. I didn’t take the hint and kept testing, until I foolishly tested a KB Clean under load (without even testing the movement w/o load beforehand). BIG mistake. My half-asleep nervous system didn’t react fast enough and something in my back became VERY angry.
    So, I’ve learnt a lesson the hard way again : If it seems like my body is REALLY trying to tell me that unnecessary movement is foolish, listen to it and save energy for unavoidable tasks instead of training.

    Silver lining time: The “injury” is only very minor by my judgement. Also, I discovered that early corrections using biofeedback to find appropriate patterns helped a LOT with minimising damage/pain. Due to good responses I did gymnastic ring dead hangs, a bit of shoulder bridging and then later on some very strict KB cleans with the 16kg KB. The combination of cautious movements that all tested great (though only after a few hours of as much rest as possible) brought tightness and soreness in the injured area from a 7/10 down to about a 3/10. Magic.

    Bit of a ramble, hope others find something useful from it.

  5. Density PR left arm MP 24kg, pinch plate curl intensity PR and sumo DL 50kg kb intensity, density and volume PR today…. nice!!

  6. 17th April. 2 PRs …
    increase in set volume of bottom up press.
    increase in session volume of bottom up press.

    18th April. (2 training sessions) 5 PRs …
    increse in set volume of jerk.
    increase in session volume of bent press.
    increase in volume per time of turkish get up.
    increase in set volume of sumo deadlift.
    increase in session volume of sumo deadlift.

    19th April. (2 training sessions). 5 PRs …
    increase in set volume of jerks.
    increase in session volume of jerks.
    increase in set volume of one arm overhead squats.
    increase in set volume of ring rows.
    increase in volume for time of sumo deadlifts.

  7. After watching the Magic game last night, I was going to take it easy and wait till today to hit my garage, but I was bored so I tested a few movements. And wouldn’t you know I was working out in my garage at 10 at night last noche.

    74 tactical pullups in 19 minutes
    24kg Military Press Volume, Density, Sets, Quality
    20kg Snatches Quality, Sets

    Good F’N times! And I’m back at it again.

  8. Rep and set PRs on sumo deadlifts, bench press and dumbbell rows. I tested all 6 of my primary lifts tonight and worked the one that tested best first (bench press) then retested the other two that tested well. After doing one movement though, my results changed. The exercises tested differently after the first movement, so I did the same thing: tested the remaining exercises and did the ones that tested best in that order. Funny how doing one movement can totally change how another tests.

  9. yesterday: dips intensity from 30 kg to a 40 kg single in a month, density with 15 kg.

    At midnight vomiting volume per throw-up (spoiled food or some virus). I hear it sounded like buckets of water dumped in the toilet. Didn’t test for it beforehand, an unexpected force majeure.

  10. 20th April. 3 PRs …

    2 increases in volume per time of sumo deadlift.
    increase in set volume of goblet squat.

  11. Took a few days off, so not much to report except:

    6.5″x5/16″ bent to 110 degrees
    6″x5/16″ crs bent to 90 degrees
    28 card casino deck ripped.

    All PRs.

  12. Yesterday: BUP Presses, Deadlifts, Swings w/ the 32kg!
    Today: Leg Raises, Kneeling pushups, Handstand holds!

  13. 35 pound plate curls 8 sets of 3 reps. Last set was as easy as the first set, unbelievable how smooth they were. I found out i was rushing my rom alot. If i just wait a little longer it gets even better. Hey thats what we are all here for right. Also bent over rows, and sumo deads. These too i waited a little longer and it felt way easier.

  14. Killed a 5.5″ triangle grade 8 hex bolt today, as well as ripping a 40 card deck.

    1. Awesome. I’m so terrible at juggling, but I sure do get a kick out of it. Haven’t tried doubles yet, too chicken.

  15. It’s been a great week so here it goes.

    April 15
    Deadlifts Volume. 3x the old volume with similar intensity
    April 17
    Pressing Volume at ~95% intensity
    April 19
    Wide Handle 1 arm rows (Intensity, Volume, and Density)
    April 20
    Beat old Volume PR for Pressing at same intensity.

    Looking forward to setting another PR tonight.

  16. 20/04/2010 – 3 PRs.

    Parallel Ring Pull-Ups – Total Volume PR.
    DB Arnold Press – Reps @ Max intensity PR; Volume @ lower intensity PR.

    Careful training of things that tested well also helped my back injury recover MUCH faster than last time I got a very similar one.
    1st time took approx 2 months /w chiropractor appointments.
    This time took more like 5 days, with small amounts of BF tested movement. (Used shoulder bridges, KB cleans, straight arm hangs, anything that tested well. I don’t need to know WHY it helped fix it, all I know is that it did.)

    22/04/2010 – One PR so far – Intensity PR on right hand for Super Gripper.

  17. lccj with the 20 kg’s for volume, goblet squat with the 79 for volume, 2 inch pinch curls with 20 pounds, 2 inches down the bar. These were so easy i could not believe it. Using more tests = better answers. Found out i was rushing my workouts for a while now. Starting using what i now know and the results are far better. Explained the movement to one of my good friends last night that i will be training. He picked it up so fast and just made sence of it. The more people that are doing it , the better we all get.

  18. The last time I did regular deadlifts I got an intensity PR of 125kg max, in my notes it says I attempted 127.5kg but my grip was too weak.

    After that workout regular deadlifts didn’t test well again until today, but axle deadlifts did. I had two workouts with axle deadlifts, and today regular deadlifts tested well and guess what… AWESOME intensity PR.

    132.5kg, that’s 7.5kg onto my max in 22 days with only 2 deadlift related workouts…

    Do you REALLY need to deadlift and squat till you puke to add a few kg to your max lifts? Cos I’ll be honest, I’m not and I’ve added 20kg to my max deadlift in 3 months! Listening to your body is easy and it works, my grip was weak so I followed what tested well, my body sorted out that weakness and BOOM big PR!

    About 5kg off double bodyweight, which was a major goal for 2010, that will fall very very soon!

  19. 22 April 2010

    LCCJ 24kg bells, Density (big ass PR here too)
    Plate curls 25lbs (thin one) 50 reps in 4 minutes
    One Arm Row Density

  20. Bunch of PRs.
    04/20: Bent a 5.5″ Triangle Grade 8 bolt
    04/21: Deficit deadlifts: 400X3
    04/22: Ripped my first deck of cards. Then after Adam yelled at me for overthinking finished off my first full deck of Bikes!!! Thank you Adam!!!
    Tomorrow: Take over the world. 🙂

  21. Wednesday: Lccj Density
    Thursday: BUP volume & density. Plate curl volume and density. Pullups density. RT reps/set.

  22. Friday
    One legged dl, volume and quality
    Plate curls volume
    Dips, volume and density
    Grippers, getting more consistent with coc 2

  23. 2 PRs.

    Reps/set of DB Arnold Press with 2x20kgs. Movement PR @ same intensity.

    Training single sets of movements is testing really well for me lately, just aiming for good reps on that one set and pure movement quality. In my last three training sessions I have increased my reps/set with DB Arnold Press each time, from 1 to 3 to 5. Love it. (Even though I know that’s not that impressive to most, I’m proud of the rate of progress.)

  24. Saturday PRs:
    Pinch grip dl volume
    push press volume
    chinups, density, volume, and reps/set
    long cycle with 24s, density
    then ran an easy 6 minute mile.

  25. 25th April. (2 training sessions). 5 PRs …

    2 increases in vol / time of BUP.
    increase in set volume of TGU.
    increase in session volume of Bent Press.

  26. 26th April. (2 training sessions). 3 PRs …

    increase in session volume of jerks.
    increase in volume per time of pullups.
    increase in session volume of deadlift.

  27. BUP reps/set
    KB FSQ volume, density
    Pinch 4,5″ 40 lb volume, density
    Snatch 24 kg volume

  28. First post, have only started using biofeedback very recently
    LCCJ: volume PR with 2x20kg bells
    Dips: intesity PR
    Pull ups : quality

  29. Man, some good stuff today.

    Military Presses w/ the 24: volume, density
    Renegade Rows w/ 24’s: Volume, Density
    Front Squat w/ 24: Baseline
    Swings: 1H Quality w/ the 24kg. 1H swings were tighter than a drum, felt fantastic.

  30. 26 April 2010

    Intensity Long Cycle

    Dips volume and density

    feeling hostile, no conclusion on this yet

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