PR Thread 3 April to 1 May 2010

Post your daily Personal Records as you break them. See what the rest of the community is up and throw down your 2 cents.

This month I am cracking on the long cycle clean and jerk and working to tear this vertical bar lift up. I believe I can turn the scale needle over 250lbs with the speed work.

What are you doing?

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  1. PRs today on Super Gripper – Reps/set & Total Reps in the session.
    PR on Push-Ups – Single Effortless set up from 20 reps to 30 reps. (One session to the next, virtually no horizontal press training. All sheer better movement.)

  2. HUGE day for me.

    31,568 lbs in 36 minutes. Man, I’m stoked. PR’s in deadlifts, weighted pullups hammer grip, swings, snatches.

    Strength Beyond Strength

      1. Thanks man. Not to litter up the PR thread here, but you know what’s crazy? I’ve done the ROP, I’ve done other programs, and I’ve gone to the logical “end” of those things. I’ve done the 5 ladders of 5 and 12 minutes of hard swings, and I was completely smoked. Like jelly after those workouts.

        I look back in my past training logs, and then I look at today’s. It’s literally night and day. And I can tell it in my body and mind too. I feel fantastic right now. Not sluggish, not the onset of soreness, I feel…. nothing. What I’m trying to say here is….. this is fucking crazy. And I love it. Carry on gentlemen.

        1. Jesse

          not crazy. that is why I have done what I have done this year- because this is the future of fitness

  3. Tuesday
    150000 lbs moved in 2 hours
    Prs in long cycle, floor press, conventional dl, chin ups, and bb rows. Walked from movement to movement non stop. Awesome night.

  4. Big intensity PRs the other day on squats and bench presses. I was feeling good and feeling strong and wanted to test my near max intensities. I didn’t test as much as usual, but just went by feel. When I did test, though, things were testing very well. All part of developing that intuition a little better.

    Worked up slowly to an easy double with 260 in my squat; probably could have handled another 1 or 2 reps, but not without getting a lot more tension.

    I am prepping for my first PL meet in June, and wanted to test my bench press according to the competition rules (pause on the chest, wait for press command) so I honestly wasn’t expecting to hit much weight. It felt good and smooth though, and I ended up hitting an easy single PR with 200 from a solid one-one thousand pause on the chest. Really surprised myself on that one.

    Bodyweight has been keeping up (around 140) pretty high for me, which is good because I am trying to keep myself as high up into my weight class as possible (while keeping BF% down obviously). Feeling good and strong.

  5. Drove my girlfriend to the airport tonight and coming home hungry and tired but wanted to do something… 5min snatch test 24kg….. 4:45…. PR in time, movement, breathing and overall feeling… not very out of breath when finished and I´ve done very little other than swings and snatches and when doing them only listening to my body and not pushing it in the traditional manor….

    Seems it´s something to this biofeedback doo-dah huh!!??!! 🙂

  6. Nice bending PR after feedback told me to take a few days off. Double overhand 60D nails Volume

  7. 28.4
    Wall HS length
    BUP density
    KB FSQ form, reps/set

    OAC intensity. Got up with both left and right side from 3/4 of the way down at 75 kg BW. Previous best was slightly lower than 1/2, if I recall correctly. I train this movement barely at all, but it doesn’t seem impossible to reach a full OAC this year alongside a proper front lever and over 80% BW tactical pull-up.

  8. PR’s across the board tonight in Chins, Deadlifts, Front Squats, and Push-ups. Even BUP’d the 24kg with my right AND left. Train well Gents!

  9. Tuesday:
    Great training tonight, long session at the dentist notwithstanding: PRs in plate curls, swinging double 40s, huge long cycle reps/set PR, pullup volume, MP volume, bottoms up pressing the 40, and deadlifting 425 for 15 singles. #preveryday

  10. Lots of PR’s since last posting a 2 weeks ago. But the big one that’s got me excited is the 25lb Olympic plate curls from last night. Last month I was not even close to hitting theses. Now there almost comically easy and I did less lever and plate curling than before.

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