I, Guinea Pig

Some people have been having trouble putting it all together so i am here to help.

First, i would like to show you something cool.

This is me going ape shit on some steel.

 I do not get to reverse bend often. It only tests well a few times a month. Why? No one can say for certain, but i will speculate it is because there is a massive stress put upon the body and that level of stress takes time to resolve. I have seen different “calibration” numbers for 5/16″ X 7″ hex cold rolled, the poundage range from 490lbs to 525lbs. As you can see, there is not a lot of whole body movement. That stresses me out dude.

So what do i do when i cannot bend?

work on getting bigger of course. how do i do that? Squats, which have not tested well in 2 weeks. Deads, I pull 3 days a week. Long cycle clean and jerk, which i am able to do nearly every day. And i can do it fast, fast tests best. Today it was heavy, but usually it is speed.

So- You have to work on your goals!

I want to bend steel. But i am not always able to bend steel. When i can’t bend, I have to work on other goals. Here is me playing around with my pinch training. Standard 2 hand pinch and one hand pinch with plates was a no go, but this was a great testing movement

Its all about YOU and it’s specifically all about your GOALS.

Now go get them!

PS: This week I certified on the Mash Monster 1 gripper, here is the video.

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  1. Adam,

    I’ve noticed in your more recent long cycle videos that you often begin the first dip of the jerk before the clean has landed, sorta like using it to catch the bells and then launch them straight away.

    Apart from creating continuity and increasing the cadence, what’s the thinking behind doing it this way?

    1. Gavin, you pretty much hit it man. it makes for faster cadence. I want to move the bells as fast as possible while making it was easy as possible. So why not rebound off the dip for the clean in to the second dip? problem solved, and the # of reps increases big time with 24’s and 32’s

  2. I noticed the same thing with RV bending.

    Your close of the MM1 looked easy. Now on to the MM2, big man

    1. Matt

      I am submitting for MM2 today.

      ALSO, as soon as you can mash a #3 go for MM1, it is not as bad as you may think.

  3. I have found the same thing with bending, it’ll test well for one workout then not again for many weeks. But I have many goals to reach so I just take another path until it tests well again.

    I just ordered a load of different 6″ nails and I’m hoping to progress more over this year, I’ve destroyed some easy 6″ nails but the harder ones are still alluding me for now.

    So far in the last 3 months I have lost 6kg of weight whilst adding muscle all over (so evidently lost more than 6kg of fat), I have increased the volume in all exercises dramatically, I’ve added 15kg to my max deadlift, gone from struggling with 5mm HRS to destroying some 6″ nails… well the list just goes on, needless to say lots of progress in lots of areas 🙂

    1. Kris

      Great job on your body transformaton! have you been taping yourself, or taking before and after photos? They are useful in the big picture of progress.

      i am ordering a Vulcan and Reverse bending machine from David this week. I think the reverse bending device will allow me more reps because I can work at lower intensity. The jumps for steel are pretty big, I would like to get some volume without having to go throw a bunch of bars

      1. I wish I had taken some photos back then, I think I’m going to take some soon and take more workout videos so I have some basis for the future. I still have some fat to shift but if I’ve made this progress in 3 months then by summer I will be looking AWESOME!

        I have both the Vulcan and the Wrist Developer, they both get plenty of use (testing permitting), I also have the Orbigrip and the Thumb Screw addons for the Vulcan… I don’t think David has a bad product really! He has a new one coming soon that I’ve seen the prototype of and that’s also pretty cool, I believe its going to be called “The Tombstone”

        The good thing with the Wrist Developer and Vulcan is you can micro-load them with thick rubber bands, I only used rubber bands on the Wrist Developer at first. It definitely allows for more work without spending as much on steel.

  4. Those LCCJs look really strong Adam! Looked like things were going smoothly and then some kind of shimmy developed on the third or fourth reps that end with you being out of synch on the 5th.
    There’s some tension on the decent of the bells – it might be something to consider, but, the bells are heavy so I’m not sure.

      1. Those look better – you’re right. It seems like the left heel is coming off the ground a little earlier than the right, but it’s tough to tell.

  5. Awesome bending ! I love the drill bit. The hex stock was off the sheet. And reverse bend to ice the cake. I prefer reverse. Nice work !

    1. Thanks Harlan, I am wobbling stainless Steel now with it, but it still fucking hurts a lot to do that. Maybe by end of year?

  6. Hey Adam, I read that there will be 100 copies of Grip N Rip 2.0. When will there be more after them?

  7. adam

    that is some sick shit man, you snap that drill bit in half awsome , are you going to reserve a few grip rip dvd for those that were there i will not be home until late tomm, great stuff thanks for the videos

  8. Excuse me if it’s confidential info, but how much is the GnR dvd going to cost?

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