Now Available: Josh’s Novel, The Knot

So one day I am speaking with Josh on the phone and we got on the topic of his upcoming book concerning Tourette’s and his life dealing with it (Now OVERCOMING IT).

Naturally I do not understand the process of writing a book, and I am asking question after question. After three of four answers, Josh said “All I know right now is this book will be better than my last book”

“Wait a minute Josh, You wrote a different book?”

“Yeah, I wrote it a few years ago. It’s weird butI like it”

“What is it about?”

“Um, a lot of stuff. It’s a novel. It’s really a long story, it’s not perfect…but I am so proud of it. I wrote it during the worst time of my life. It was the only lighthearted thing I had. It saved me.”

Months go by

I did not ask much about it for a few months, and then the topic of this book came up in my mind a few more times. I was finding myself more and more interested in learning about it. I suppose I really don’t care what the story is, I want to know what my friend wrote during a period of time when he was unable to speak much due to some treatments he was receiving for Tourette’s.

I know Josh’s interactions with others leading up and during that point were…interesting to say the least. I want to see how Josh funneled his creativity and emotion in to a book during a challenging time in his life.

Two months ago

Around two months ago Josh told me he was going to release it. I was instantly excited about this. “You must do it Josh, get it out to the people”

Not because I was excited to read it, not because I thought it was good (I am interested in the story after the rundown–it might be the weirdest story I’ve ever heard) but because this was going to put Josh out of his comfort zone. A new layer peeled open. New obstacles. A new chance to be BETTER.

If you want more background on how Josh came to write this book, and what it meant during that time in his life, watch this.

What I do

I tell people to do what is best for them, and I tell people to find a goal that makes them happy. It seems Josh Hanagarne would rather be the world’s strongest author, and an author needs readers. I want you to see this book, and I want you to buy it.

What you do:

Option One: Download

If you are one of those lunatics who prefers to read on the computer, you can download The Knot by clicking on the “buy now” button below. If you ever need to double-check the amount in your cart, just click on the “view cart” button.

Add to Cart

View Cart

Option 2: Buy from Amazon

You can buy The Knot on Amazon for $20.95. A copy will arrive in the mail shortly thereafter. (these links will also take you to a synopsis of the novel)

Option 3: Download for The Kindle

If you’re one of the Jetsons and you have a Kindle, you can download the book here.

Option 4: Order a signed copy! (shipping included*)

This is what I am doing and I recommend it for you as well. For $30, Josh will inscribe a copy for you in that way that only he can. If you’re a blogger, he’ll also be linking to your blog in an upcoming thank you post. Josh’s link is worth a lot these days.

*International shipping is free for the first $10.

Here’s how:

  • Contact Josh
  • Put “signed copy of The Knot” in the subject line
  • Josh will send you Paypal info
  • Deposit money
  • He signs your book. A personal message from Josh to you.
  • He mails your book
  • You win because you own something pretty damn cool
  • Please note: The signed copy option will take a little longer, but Josh will do everything he can to get you your book as fast as possible while not letting his family starve, his blog go neglected, or the library burn down.

The end. Make it happen, people. Josh is a giver. Let’s give back.

Adam T. Glass

8 thoughts on “Now Available: Josh’s Novel, The Knot”


  2. …and so it begins, the librarian becomes the author… Josh so definitely has to write a biography at some point, and it definitely needs a preface that betters mine below!

    The story of Josh Hanagarne is the writing of legends, the tale of the student becoming the master through hardships unimaginable. With the will of a warrior this giant of a man battled through years of physical and mental torment to emerge triumphant, curing himself of an ‘incurable’ disorder, whilst casually destroying horse shoes in his spare time with his sheer might.

    Man that just makes me want to write now! haha

  3. Congrates!
    That’s awesome. Talking frogs, I have always thought the world needed more talking amphibians.

  4. Bought and downloaded the e-book today. Looking forward to it.

    Is there something wrong with your “Grip & Rip” sign-up? I can’t seem to post links and the links I’ve posted for people are not working.

    1. Boris, email me for web support concerning the page. it is possible at the time the administrator was loading or changing content. No one else has reported an issue.

  5. Cooool me wants 😀

    I’m poor but I’m still asking for a signed copy. That is all.

    Good luck on the sales Josh! 🙂

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