PR Thread 15 March 10 through1 April 10

People are talking, and they are talking specifically about YOU.  Those of you who are better everyday. They are whispering about a group who lifts 50 thousand pounds a night 4 days a week. A group who breaks PRs every time they exercise. A group who takes in all of the people who have no home. A place of free thinkers, a place of trouble makers. A group who offers no answers, only questions.

Let them TALK, all the while you continue to ACT.

Post your PRs. I want to see over 500 comments on this  entry. 500 PRs posted in the next 15 days.


292 thoughts on “PR Thread 15 March 10 through1 April 10”

  1. Pressing 24,18 and 16kg KB today, all baseline sets… also baseline with pinch grip around the body passes with 2x10kg plates, got 107 rotations total and the PR of the day was an volym increase in weighted chins….
    Left arm is much weaker in the press mostly due to some kind of nerve pinch in my shoulder that creates a weak spot that is frustrating, got singles today on left and focused on making them look easy and use minimum tension… felt good… hopefully left side will catch up….

  2. Working on HS basics again, this time with solid determination to put time, time and time into the wall handstand. I simply have not done it enough, hence my free HS is so fickle and unpredictable: sometimes wobbly, sometimes straight as a rod. So, I set a baseline with them.

    Also worked on BW pistols, setting nice density and volume PRs, 2700 kg (9×4 reps) each leg in ten minutes with moderate (5) effort and under total control. Previous best was ~2100 kg, density around 220 kg/min.

  3. BW 172lbs tonight… all time high note and that is lean muscle… I´ve been around 162-165lbs for years no matter what I did and i´m 6,3 so there is no fat to be found ever… now I actually start to grow into my frame I belive 🙂


  4. Wasn’t sure how squats would test today as I was a little stiff and sore. However, the first set tested so good and I totally loosened up (way more than usual) so I really went for it today.
    Hit two big PRs: 300X3 and 330 for 2 singles. Took me by surprise to say the least.

    1. Wanted squats tonight, but they didn’t test very well. Wasn’t surprised though since I’m a little sore from DLs the other night. Bench presses didn’t test particularly well either, but incline presses did (they usually do when I test them) and I got a big set PR on them – easy.

  5. L-sit pullups baseline
    KB FSQ baseline (however, a density PR over BB FSQ) and likely a density PR since I last did KB FSQ.

  6. Paused bench PR (290#) Wasn’t even going to do heavy, paused bench today, but they tested well and felt good so I pushed it a bit. Intensity PR on speed bench and intensity, density, and volume PR on close grip incline bench.

  7. here are the highlights

    plate curl 25lbs X 3 (PR+2) with my right hand an X1 (PR) with my left

    Bottoms up press 28kg right (PR+4kg) and 24kg (post accident PR+8kg) left

    Rack pull 473lbs (PR + 50)


    1″ V Bar 162lbs right (PR+40), 137lbs right (PR+10)


    500lb rack pull (PR+27)

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