PR Thread stomps forward, our tribe grows: 6 mar – 13 mar 2010

Everyday a new chance for you to shine. Everyday offers the promise of better. Perpetual Progress is forward movement.

Our metric is simple-Improvement everytime. More weight on the bar, more reps in the bank, faster, easier, cleaner, smoothier.

It does not matter what your goal is, it does not matter what tools you choose. We are about better.

Post your progress


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138 thoughts on “PR Thread stomps forward, our tribe grows: 6 mar – 13 mar 2010”

  1. Another pressing PR. I’ll take it after the week I’ve had.

    118 reps in 12 minutes

    Last time (Monday) was 113 in 12 minutes. This was about all my body would let me do. Nearly everything tested well w/out a load. After presses, I did DO deadlift. Before 8 minutes had gone by, my body yelled “Stop!” Disappointing, but I know it’s best to listen and obey.

      1. Josh, I’ve been seeing these tic PRs on Twitter and I’m blown away, mate.
        I’m sure that others are just as curious and interested to know if there is anything particular that you have been doing and any method of testing specifically for things to reduce this element of your life that you’ve developed. Any chance of this info, mate?

    1. This is truly amazing. Mind blowing, every specialist in the country has been scratching their head over you for 30 years, and you are sorting it out from an approach they never in a hundred years would have fallen on. DO IT JOSH

  2. Pistols haven’t tested good for 3 + weeks. Kind of frustrating but today they were my best movement! 8kg tested best same as last time. Pr in reps (doubled) in same amt time so there was an increase in volume and density. Push up PR reps increased by 11, up in volume but it took me 10 minutes longer to do. My movement are getting smoother and more fluid. And Idon’t HURT! I love biofeedback:)

    Also messed around with jm to see if doing it would bring back rom faster. With the pistols the lateral ankle tilt helped my rom come back 15 to 20 sec faster than if I didn’t to it. Interesting.

    1. Tera, very keen observations

      Do not stress when a given drill does not come up as often as you would like- you will find yourself crushing PRs when it does. What would you rather have- frequent practice with poor results, or moderate practice and always kill it. I personally want to get the most for the least when it comes to energy expended vs. results gained…

  3. Had a couple of rest days, as Base ROM was out and nothing was testing well. Could be due to finding an intensity PR in a relatively new movement for me (Double Overhand Deadlifts). I shall be interested to see if it repeats itself next time this is the case.

    12/03/10 – 1-Arm KB Press; Volume & Density. 1-Arm KB Row; Volume & Density.

    13/03/10 – Goblet Squat; Density. This session was very short due to lack of time and probably SHOULDN’T have been a PR in density, but time constraints prevented me from resting longer and aiming for volume. Slightly sore the next day and felt more worn out after the session than usual. Live’n’learn; next time I’ll make sure to read the signs better and modify within a timeframe.

    Also used biofeedback testing on rolling a golf ball under my flat feet (a tip I got from Steve Cotter last year) and it definitely showed a great improvement. In future will ROM test after small use to decide how much I should do it that day/at that time.

    Plus, convinced my first workmate to commit to using biofeedback under my guidance. Experiment parameters PR; volume. 😀

  4. Saturday, March 13:
    24kg KB BUP Volume/Density. Up 15 more reps since last training (total increase of 46 reps since Wednesday). Most reps I could hit in a set: 6L/6R.

    1. George, awesome progree. I owe you a phone call, so far i have had some strange hours. We will talk soon

  5. nice pr tonight. One arm kb press with the 70. 38 reps per arm in 20 min. Sets of 3, last set 5 reps. No misses. Doing mobility drills inbetween presses to see what helps. Reps were pretty easy, at the end of my workout i pressed my 97 for a single each arm. Smoothest press to date. This was my max before my shoulders and pain in many places. Now from here i will press the beast. Best thing is my shoulders feel great and better by the week.I think because i changed the way i pressed it helped alot.

    In the beginning my body never wanted to press, only pull. So this is a huge improvement for me .just for my body to want to press makes me happy. Neck has no tension or clicking when pressing. Sky is the limit from here.

    1. Frank

      as you resolve the shoulder pain completely, you will find your options on a given day of testing improve. I note i can pretty much do as i please on the first day of the week after a day off. You will find the same

  6. Man, the results people keep posting in here just amaze me. All the strong people here give me a lot of drive to just keep on getting better.

    14/03/2010 – Big Density PR on adjustable crush gripper. 8 x 8 reps in 07mins 42secs, down from previous time of 12mins 35secs for the same work.
    Will probably add to this later if I train again when I get home (doing this one at work on day shift). May just aim for a refueling PR instead.

    1. We will grow Better, stronger, every day- and i am glad to have you posting here Piers

      1. Thanks Adam, just glad to be a part of this awesome group and to have access to all this knowledge.

  7. 315X2 three board press(PR)
    325X1 three board press(PR)
    225X12 reg bench(PR)

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