PR Thread stomps forward, our tribe grows: 6 mar – 13 mar 2010

Everyday a new chance for you to shine. Everyday offers the promise of better. Perpetual Progress is forward movement.

Our metric is simple-Improvement everytime. More weight on the bar, more reps in the bank, faster, easier, cleaner, smoothier.

It does not matter what your goal is, it does not matter what tools you choose. We are about better.

Post your progress


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138 thoughts on “PR Thread stomps forward, our tribe grows: 6 mar – 13 mar 2010”

  1. More PRs today:
    -Double Cleans w/ 20 kg bells. (Last time I used 16 kg bells.)
    -Double Swings w/ 20 kg bells. (Intensity and volume PRs. On Wednesday I did dbl swings w/ 16 kg bells and moved 15,750 lbs. in 10 min. Today I moved 15,840 in 10 min.)
    -My movement is improving every session. My neck stays relaxed. That is making a big difference in my day-to-day life. It’s great to move through each day without pain.
    Details are on my blog.

      1. At the moment, I’m preparing for a tactical strength challenge (late April), so out of the three powerlifts I do bench the least … that being said, when it tests well, it seems to test well across sessions (so I might end up doing multiple bench sessions in a row). It averages out to probably three sessions a fortnight.

        I’m maxing 130kg … all though I’ve been doing a lot of volume work at slightly lower weights over the last few weeks. I suspect I’ll hit double bodyweight later this year, no problems πŸ™‚

  2. Deadlift w/ 315, 50 reps in 17:45 ( Previous best Deadlift w/ 315, 50 reps in 23:15)
    The best part was my 50th rep was just as effortless as my 1st.

      1. My first time through I was sore for 2 days after. This time I had no soreness or stiffness. Whats crazy is that this PR came 5 days after my first DL workout!

  3. 06/03/10 – Set a baseline for DB Arnold Press. Also took measurements of arms, chest & waist to attempt to start tracking body comp changes. Very annoying that I don’t own a set of bathroom scales and money’s too tight to buy right now, haha.

    07/03/10 – One Arm KB Row – PRs in Density and volume.

    1. Update:
      07/03/10 – One Arm KB Press /w 24kg – PR in Volume.

      Just couldn’t go to bed without another PR, I think I’m an addict. πŸ˜€

  4. I am now pressing the 32kg. I’m still holding back for now while I try to fix the “winging” of my right scap. I have no doubt I’ll be progressing quickly with the 32kg press. The dozen I did yesterday were no problem! I’ve been trying for over a year to press that sucker consistently!

    1. Joseph,

      slow down on the right side, drop the weight, and simply put the arm overhead. Many people who are having scap problems come from forcing square pegs in round holes- Move to the most comfortable position and press from there

  5. I have a question, i will find the best exercise do it , rom increases ever set but the next day chest and neck are a little sore.most of the time its with grip exercises, trying to see how much i can do. You think this is because i am trying a little too hard or using too much tension? I guessing yes, but has anyone else noticed this happening to them. Its nothing i can’t get rid of.

    1. Frank

      Maybe you are squeezing too hard on your grip events? experiment with less tension if you believe the neck soreness is associated to the grip feats.

  6. For total workout volume, how should I record box jumps? If I am 6’0 and 160 lbs, jumping 3’0, should I record that as 80 lbs moved? 160 lbs moved? Not calculate it?

    Box jump density
    KB press intensity AND density

    The 32kg bell just flew up on both arms, bringing along with it a 7 in. increase in ROM. This was a great day, worked out for 11 minutes.

    1. Brad, I would personally track # of jumps, height of jumps, and level of difficultly, along with of course density and rest periods.

  7. Brad, I think as long as you record it the same every time, it doesn’t matter. You’re only comparing against yourself.

  8. Deadlift, 101 reps of 315 in 27 minutes.
    KB press with the 32 singles numbers keep going up.
    Bottoms-up press volume and density still going up.
    Dip volume.

    1. Good job David. I follows about the final 25% of the thread that eventually led to you doing this. Madness.

    2. Whoa nice pulls! your boy friend in New Orleans is surely going to have a lot to say about that LOL

    1. Aaron, i am glad to see you posting!

      For those of you who do not know Aaron, he is easily one of the top hand sport athletes in the world- elite in steel bending, grippers (closed a #4!) and pinching. What you really need to understand is he is a nice polite guy who knows a lot about a lot in the realm of hand strength

      1. Aaron love those videos you put up , i have to watch them twice to believe it , you are scary strong. awsome stuff

        1. Thanks Aaron, I plan on making down your way for a contest in the next year. My ability to travel is about to open up

          1. if you show me the money, you will see my smiling face. we can talk about setting up a workshop in your area if your serious

          2. Adam, Sounds good to me. your welcome to come stay with us anytime. We will prolly put on another comp in September. I plan on making it out to LA for one in May as well.

  9. pr’s in sumo over hand deads. 315 for 50 reps in 17:30 up from 275 for 50 reps in 20 min. used 10 pound clubs for head casts up from using the 5 pounders.

  10. pr yesterday put it up on twitter do not know if you guys got. Pr double 24 kg press 80 reps in 20 minutes, volume and intensity. 24 kg swing pr 12 minutes 191 reps volume and intensity. 48 incline ring pushups in 11 minutes. Work three primal movements from grip and rip crab walking, squat jumps. and Bear crawling. Destroyed 20 phonebooks all done with a huge smile, Today rest, could tell right away tomm another pr, this is fun.

    1. hi frank call yellowbook and tell them you are opening up a company and depending on where you live and what operator you talk to they will send you out say 25 books. Then go ask your neighbors or family members ask if you can have some delivered to there address. You see where this is going 4 address will get you 100 books. Lets face it the average person has no need for them. We like to destroy them. Then call verizion tell them the same thing you cannot afford the price increase in directory assistance . You are entilted to a copy of all in state phonebooks and they will send you them. But if you want to hit the Mother load find out when they deliver them to the city , Boston yellowbook happens in december find out when they are coming your way and follow the truck around. Go brownstone to brownstone and grab them you will be doing the property manager and landfills a favor because after 2 weeks he will throw them all away. In my house i have so many my wife makes me tear up 10 a night lol were there is a will there is a way lol frank let me know if that helps buddy. that will get you started.

      1. No shit, i call them and say “I would like 6 cases of phone books delivered to this address” and they send them. No questions why or anything

        1. not in this city they are asking 60 bucks each book after the first one, and you wonder why i help myself ,all i want to do is tear them in half without going broke,

      2. Some good places I gotten my phonebooks besides the above are at recycling centers and the library (just ask them to save all the old ones for you, this way you get some of all sizes from all the different areas).

        1. logan what ups , awsome kb juggling video, and hand balancing site you do some awsome stuff learned alot from you thanks for all your hardwork man, you are a super strong dude.

  11. Prs in Log Bar press volume, and Bottoms up press volume with 48kg. Reps are looking nice, will be really clean after another week of practice

  12. Had to do quite a bit of manual labor today. But since I just got a power rack yesterday I HAD to do some partials. Haven’t done these before (at least not any time recently). Pulling from above the knee I worked up to 505 for three singles pretty easily. Look for that number (reps and weight) to go up fast this month.

    1. Logan nice work on the bridge today- Would you be interested in filming one of your bridge feats for the Feats of Strength Contest?

  13. Haven’t got a twitter acct yet. Will work on it soon. Once I get my twitter set up, do you want the PR for the day’s workout posted on that day, or can I post my workouts & PR’s once a week?

    Meanwhile, have had a PR each workout (different movements, density, volume, but something improves each time). For movement selection, I’m now using the front arm raise and beginning to be able to interpret it for better & better intel. Toe reach still rocks once I get into reps & sets with the chosen movement.

    Also figured out I have probably been over-training my shoulders, especially my left side. Usually improve for 3-4 weeks, then one day, like last Monday, it just runs out of gas. I’m cutting back from singles at 84# stacked KB weight to doubles & triples I used to do with 80# stacked, assuming they test well on the day. Using lighter weight (4# at that intensity level makes a big difference for me) with more reps should give me a little more warning (signs of increased effort) before I just try a rep and fail it.

    Had a volume AND density increase on 53# weighted pullups on Friday. And that was with a sinus infection…

    1. Scott

      do whatever is comfortable for you regarding tweeting.

      On the over training, testing will prevent it, but human stupidity can defeat any system, even our biological ones. So stop reaching so far, stop being a martyr and just do what you need to do. We have talked several times about how you dont need all the hard work, as soon as you accept that you will be better off. Time to put not working hard to the test.

      1. Thanks Adam! Keep hammering me man! I need it. I’m full bore with the concept. Working toward that (easier). So tonight I put on a dress & only did DL 225 for 10 easy sets of 3 for total 30 reps in 18:50. Ok, I didn’t wear a dress, but I did take it easy, especially since I haven’t done barbell DL’s in a couple of years. This is more of a starting point than a PR, so it will be a good test of my ability to follow instructions & track my improvement.

        I’m finding that the arm raise to the front and higher is giving me better discrimination between good, better, & best. It seems to track same as toe reach, until toe reach bottoms out, but I still get readings with the arm raise.


  14. March 6:

    Rolling Thunder intensity (up 10 lbs this week), volume (@ 105# & 125#), density (64 reps @ 105# in 3:50).

    March 7:

    chinups bw+10 volume

  15. I would like to know about Twitter updates as well. Updates once a week okay?

    1. What ever you are comfortable with. I will tell you there is no reason to limit it- tweeting takes a few seconds. Not very hard…not compared to what you are already doing here by posting a comment- that takes more work then a tweet. Just food for thought

  16. Adam was wondering if u know some good things to do for hand extension, the opening of the hand. I tested it today man it was big improvement. I really hammered the grip this week. A little too much I think. Too many Max lifts.left my neck and chest tight.did the Contra lift ,worked like a charm.I thought I saw an exercise done with a jar, place hand inside in extension and lift.

    1. I use Plate presses, hand stands and wall push ups at speed. I do not believe you need to load the extension of the hand in motion more then a sand bucket. Stay away from the 30 dollar rubber bands from IM- they are way too high of a resistance. a pail of sand and you are ready to go.

      Trust but test- I can always be wrong

  17. Get those #preveryday PR’s posted daily guys, it takes 4 seconds to login to twitter and hit us with your PR.

    So far, 40 some people have set over 200 individual PRs in the past 2 weeks.

    My question to those of you who aren’t: Why Not?

    1. Lets go people- its free, it takes 2 seconds, and We are going to buy YOU cool swag if you play the game. All we are asking is you do exactly what you love to do and share the results

  18. Few more PRs today:

    Benched 170 + bands (2″ bands add ~ 90lbs at chest & 180lbs at lockout)(PR)
    Then after some band speed work was able to hit 185X8 (PR) and 205X3(PR) on close grip incline bench.

      1. I’m only using a 12kg vest … I don’t plan on going much heavier (16-20kg) … In July I’m off to Thailand to train and fight … At the camp they start each training session with a 5-10km run and then 20 minutes of skipping. Last time I was there I found the skipping was really hammering my calves. I figured I’d do some prep work this time around πŸ™‚

        I don’t like the type of training they do over there (MEGA-cardio), but I do get a deep sense of satisfaction completing all the training they throw at me.

        1. Kira

          are you planning on filming any of the training? I would interested in seeing real thai fighters and how they prepare.

          1. Yeh! I’m going over with a small posse … so between us we should get some footage while we’re over there.

            I’ll be sure to post some of it for you.

  19. Here are some Prs… I feel like I should be lifting more often so I can post here more…

    The weathers getting nicer, once the ice melts I’ll start doing some jumps/sprints until then… Keeping it cool in my basement

    20 Push ups +7 from last week
    155lbs squats for 4 reps… > Not a PR but first time squats have tested well

    Will try to get a session in tomorrow…. Maybe some plyo push ups, Romanian deadlifts, and hang or power cleans? We’ll see…

    1. Christian

      it has taken me 8 months for BB squats to test well, this is a good sign if they are coming around

      1. Yeah… Everything other then rows tested well tonight! I was very happy and my movement feels much better…. its amazing how we take being pain free for so little.

        8 Months is a very long time, Did you come back to it stronger then before?

  20. Single presses – PR in density and volume – 113 reps in 12 minutes. I also did more reps before having to stop: 6-7 reps as compared to 5-6 last time I did presses.

    After the pressing, I did a circuit of animal movements – lizards, inchworms, crab walks, and frog jumps. Do you remember how I struggled with the lizards at GnR? Well, today they were 100 times better. I am continually amazed by how much my movement improves with every training session.

  21. Yesterday: DL 5″ platform intensity. Lifted 136 kg, felt easy, but upon looking at the video it looked like my lower back was rounded somewhat and neck was extended back way too much, although I stayed tight throughout the lift with no sudden movements or jerking etc. No back problems yesterday or today, though, but I have to keep my eye more on the form the next time I DL off of a platform. Hadn’t done them in quite a while, so I used my conv DL hip position for the lift this time.

    HS wall runs baseline, was difficult because it’s such a new movement, but I’ll improve next time.

  22. Yesterday I got a density PR in pushups, did the same number as my previous workout but a minute quicker πŸ™‚

    Pushups have tested well every workout since I incorporated them and my numbers just keep rising, I LOVE it πŸ™‚

  23. 08/03/2010 – 1-Arm KB Press: Density PR.

    09/03/2010 – Push Ups: Density PR.
    I also tried Double Overhand Deadlifts during work time (multitasking, haha) and pulled a single of 105kg (231lbs) at B.W. of approx 72kg (159lbs). Intensity PR, because it was the first time I actually tried the movement (or any DL for that matter). It tested well and testing got better after each weight I tried. The 105kg came up very smoothly and I felt fresh afterwards, but decided not to over reach and be happy with the PR as it was. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere!

    1. “I decided not to overreach and be happy with the PR as it was”

      You are learning Piers- i am very pleased to read this statement

  24. Hi Adam, cool idea.

    8-8-2010 – 16kg snatch x 10mins x 15rpm (single switch).

    Grats to everyone on their PRs!

  25. Set 3 New baselines tonight…
    Bench 3X5 @ 95lbs Explosive!
    Curls 14/14/13 @45lbs Never done curls really… and I’ve never done them for high reps. I have had elbow problems in the past hopefully these help protect from future injury
    Power cleans 3X4 @100lbs Explosive!

    I’ve learned tonight… Explosive lifts take longer to recover from or at least for me

  26. PRs tonight-
    Double overhand axle deadlift, density and volume
    KB Deadlift- Density
    Card tearing- behind the back with mitts on- beautiful quality improvement
    Strongergrip mace swings- Density and volume
    Hanging knee raise- volume and quality

    All and all, good night

  27. March 9th. 2 PRs today …

    max volume increase of weighted inverted rows.
    rep increase of sumo deadlift.

  28. I’m squatting nearly every day and it’s paying off.

    Tonight, 60 lb intensity PR in zercher squats.
    7 singles, 48kg stacked press.

    1. Ditto Josh. 2-3 times a week minimum. Getting stronger on everything. If the knees feel good, I’ve hit squats 5X in a week. Keep up the great work.

    2. josh

      Its so exciting for me to follow your progress. I have watched since you were pressing the 70 for reps know this. You have come a long way. Josh are you keeping the tension down when you are pressing heavier too. Are you still making them easy as you can? It seems like your making some crazy jumps in intensity.

  29. tonights workout, went light because in forearms are sore from all the grip stuff last week. One arm kb press used 44 pounder for 125 reps each arm in 30 min. one arm rows used the 44 pounder for 55 reps each arm in 10 min. Felt better afer this. Decided to try some heavier pressing after this. Started at the 61, 70, 79, 88, all for a single. Then i used the 79 for 10 singles. This is the heaviest i have goon in a long time. I am calling this a pr, because i used very little tension to do them.In the past i would have to tense up so much just to get them. The heavier weight tested pretty good, go figure. I will have to test the heavier ones a little more maybe.I pressed a little different on the reps. I looked a the bell as it went up with a very slight tilt. This felt way better, no discomfort.

  30. Big PR for me tonight.Finally hit a 32kg BUP!Back in late december I did Adam’s Radiant Dawn program and moved my BUP from 24kg to 28kg.Tonight I felt strong and went for it with the 32kg.Only 1 rep per arm but at least I know I can do it now and can work towards building up my reps.

  31. March 10th. 1 PR …

    1 rep max increase in bench. Particularly happy with this … I went up 10kg AND it felt as smooth as silk! I coulda probably grunted and groaned out another 5kg, but why ruin the moment … 140 kg bench πŸ™‚

  32. Over head Squat 1RM PR 205lbs. (previous best 1RM 185lb.) Done with a wide snatch grip ass to heels sqaut.
    I knew I was going to have a great workout tonight my baseline ROM was way better than usual. Over head Squats tested very well and I havent done this lift in over 3 months. My previous PR was set after a lot of focused work on it. Tonight I walk in the gym and crushed it by 20lbs. no sweat.

    PR in BUP hit 32kg for 7 crisp effortless singles( Previous PR was one shakey grinding single)
    I really need to set up a twitter account to mark this progress

    1. Wow I just looked back on my log and realised that I only started including pushups 2 weeks ago and I have doubled my starting number! I started with total reps of 34, and yesterday I did 68.

      Double the reps in 2 weeks, that’s freekin awesome!

        1. Thanks Adam! Added another rep today, and did it 4 mins quicker… awesome boost to my density! 69 pushups in 12.5mins πŸ™‚

          I think I must have some sort of muscular in-balance because my body just cannot get enough of doing pushups, every time I test them they are the best out of anything, some days even the only thing that does test well!

          Can’t complain though because my chest, back and arms are definitely starting to look more meaty!

  33. Pingback: Grip-N-Rip the DVD
      1. Thanks Adam! Not much of a pull for some of the beasts out there, but way more proud of that than any grip feat I have done.

  34. Daily Volume PR on KB snatch as well as Daily total reps PR on 24Kg KB. Got 250 reps in 30 – 40 rep sets over a couple sessions. Weight moved was 13,250#

      1. Back is fine as long as the sciatica is not flared up. Only 2 issues are cardio, and technique (bruising back of left wrist on catch) . I’m built for explosive bursts, not endurance. We are doing a race to 1,000,000# lifted on KB snatch on the site and I’m having a good time with it!

  35. 13th March. I got 2 PRs today …

    rep increase on squat.
    rep per time increase of snatch.

    The best part about today was, I shifted 11,684 kg no problems, and then immediately sparred a dude for six rounds … he was puffing and blowing by the end of it, and I was ready for more rounds … Better is better … Better is more πŸ™‚

  36. No specific work out… Did show my friend how many pull ups I could do.

    11… and I could of grinded a few more out

    loving this system… Also unofficially i jumped higher then i have ever been able to do before.

    1. Weighed in tonight at 137lbs, 5’9″
      New goal…. 13lbs with a large majority being muscle. I’ll re-prioritize from there….

      Anyone have some tips… Generally I eat a paleolithic style diet but I can make some exceptions for the period of time

      I’m going to start drinking more milk for sure….. and I’ll make sure to get more nuts and meat down

  37. Yesterday I hit a PR in BUP intensity, volume, density and form. I began feeling around with heavier BUPs first, and got 24 kg on my right and 22 on the left, although I couldn’t reverse the motion because the bell flopped over a couple seconds post lockout. Still, I did better than before.

    Then,I did BUPs in sets of four with the 16 kg for five sets, the whole training session taking 12:55 including the heavy singles. Previously I did four sets of three in about eight minutes, so I managed to beat the overall density by a slim margin as well as almost doubling the volume.

  38. March 8:
    32kg Long Cycle Volume/Density. Dips bw+25 volume/density.

    March 9:
    Rolling Thunder Intensity (1RM) playing around.

    March 10:
    24kg kb BUP Volume. Most reps I could hit in a set: 5L/4R.

    March 11:
    24kg kb BUP Volume/Density. Up 31 reps in same time frame (Yes, you read that number correctly). Smooth, very little fatigue. Most reps I could hit in a set: 6L/5R.

    Started playing around with this on March 10, but found that a simulated movement to open collar and sleeve for BJJ in various lunge stances (ant/pos) and even doing some high pulls in stance removed knee pain and improved movement/athletic carryover to rest of training.–EyaFfqDw

  39. I did my very first 24kg MP today!!!!!

    To be honest it was a stacked press 20kg and 4kg.

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