Wanna get Movement Certified?

Biomechanics Level 1: Physique Transformation

Before you get too excited, there’s a catch.
Not everyone can attend.
Let me tell you why.

You see, The Movement’s certification is by: 
Invitation Only

Don’t you hate how trainers today are buying their credentials?
Isn’t it funny how in only 1 year you can become a master trainer?

Don’t Mistake Credentials for Credibility
As an industry, we are lacking credibility and we will not be a part of the problem…we will be the solution!

You don’t get credible by knowing…If that were so, the more letters you have after your name, the more credible you’d be. That just isn’t the reality of the situation.

Those with the most letters:

  • think the most
  • do the least
  • improve the least (think there is a correlation?)
  • confuse the rest of us.
  • Of course they do – how can they know about better if they’re not getting better? Credibility is not about knowing the most, but about doing everything you know to do. For that reason…
    Our credentials are not for sale.

    EVERY one of our coaches will be credible BEFORE they are credentialed. Want to be credible in our eyes?

    Here’s How:
    1. PR Every workout for 30 days!
    Record how you did it by recording your:

  • Exercises / Movement
  • Loads
  • Reps
  • Sets (total volume: you do the math!)
  • Total Training Time (for Density)
  • Every workout.

    We only want people who practice what they preach.
    So if you wanna preach it…prove you’re practicing it!

    But even that won’t guarantee you get certified. The only people we will certify are those that are vouched for by an existing Movement Certified Coach.

    If you are a good trainer, you are getting tons of referrals, right?
    Can you get one of our trainers to refer you?
    Will they say your name is as good as theirs?
    Wanna be ready for your possible invitation?

    How To Be Invited
    Step 1:
    Get started by PRing everyday and keeping your log.
    Post your PRs on twitter followed by #preveryday

    Step 2:
    Send an email to frankiefaires@mac.com
    including the link to your online training log
    and your twitter account name.
    Be looking in your email for an invitation from us.
    Don’t email, don’t call, don’t otherwise contact us: We’ll contact you.

    Don’t worry. If you are a good candidate, we’ll find you.
    It’s simple physics:
    People with the same destination always run in to each other.
    If your destination is our destination, we’ll contact you soon.


    81 thoughts on “Wanna get Movement Certified?”

      1. Yup, thats what i was expecting people to say– As an industry we should demand better!

        Since no one else wants to put results first and always, we have arrived. I am here to chew bubble gum and produce bad ass trainers. I am all out of gum…

    1. No problem, as long as guys like you keep on writing hardcore training blogs im satisfied.

      It keeps me motivated and on track for a better, stronger more resilient version of me.


      1. Good point, Tomas.

        Rest assured,
        if there is any doubt in our minds as to an individual’s credibility,
        they will not receive an invite.


      2. Tomas

        If someone wants to produce a faulty training log- that is fine. that is step one. I know who i am calling out, I know who i want to call out in the future, and i keep my eyes peeled all the time.

        No need to worry about fakers

    2. Hey Frankie,
      Sounds great that there’ll be a controlled system so you can’t have hacks parading the name around and not living up to it.

      However, is that what the “want in?” post was about from Adam earlier this week? I hope not, otherwise there’s no way I’ll get to be involved, haha.


        1. Frankie,
          You make a good point. I am PRing every workout and there are many many more in my future, that’s for sure.
          So I’ll keep racking them up and hope to get an invite someday and have the chance to take advantage, no point in a defeatist attitude!

    3. That makes much more sense, all to often in the world do we get a water down product we see it everywhere ,professional sports, to many teams not enough good players all in the name of the almighty dollar this is very exciting something that has got to be earned, i like that concept because as long as you are trying to better yourself you have a chance it is really up to the the individual. This is a well thought out program.

        1. Frankie the fitness world makes all of its money from program design, books , dvd, ect, Gym movement is saying these are just guesses, rounded off # s that apply to the masses. Essential you are telling people to test it for themselves that we be are our program designers and we figure out what works for us, not the masses ,that everything you read and here cannot really be proved. This must make alot of people in your industry nervous. it is very very exciting, i would like to hear some of your thoughts thanks for your time i really appreciate it

          1. It is so funny to me, how many people will attempt to fight this from happening. I am sure men selling horses where pissed at Ford when we rolled out the model T…

            Anyone who tells you that you need them to train is an enemy of your best interest. Everyone who reads this page should know you don’t need anyone but yourself.

            Form, programs, sets and reps- All driven by your own feedback will yield the fastest possible gains. Let no man stand in your way

    4. How much time do we have? I’m currently trying work through a minor shoulder issue. What about the cert? Where and when?

    5. Also, do we have to PR every day for 30 days in a row, or 30 “training days” in a row? Do we have to post every day, or can we post once a week, etc.?

    6. Hey everyone. I can’t urge you strongly enough to take advantage of this and earn an invite. It’s really the simplest thing in the world. Test, act, test, act, think it over, keep moving forward.

    7. Seems similar to what Charles Poliquin does with his certification… to an extent.

      Good luck, I enjoy the concept hopefully it work outs.

    8. Well played, Frank. Didn’t mean to get ahead of myself. I just don’t think I can make it during a certain segment of the year. My job is seasonal in nature. Either way, I’ll have take a crack at it. Sounds awesome!

      1. Joseph,

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

        People headed to the same destination will always run into each other.
        We don’t have to try to make it happen.
        Hope to see you soon.


        1. PRs are listed as much on my blog and took me awhile to get how to use twitter. Hopped on the bandwagon a bit late so to speak.

          Just realized that for bodyweight timed movements I should be testing time under tension, as much as I would external loading.

          Everything is just feeling much better exercise wise. The first few days with a better working biofeedback system some random pains occurred, still improving the approach as I continue.

    9. The hardest part of this is going to be to convince me to use Twitter! I’m already having a hard time juggling gmail/facebook/blog. You guys and your technology! One quick thing: I started testing for the optimal workout about two weeks ago and it has been a revelation. Instead of forcing a crap workout I am beginning to PR every time I touch my equipment (hehe–don’t go there!).
      I was skeptical at first, but I must say, it’s working. Will be ordering my copy of the dvd if you guys have stock again. Keep up the good!

      1. Tweeting will take you less than 30 seconds. Do not let the unknown slow you down.

        if it was anything other than completely legit, why would i endorse it?

        1. Okay, so the peer pressure has gotten to me and I’m finally signed up to Twitter. Will start posting workouts as of today.

          1. Posted my first #preveryday on Twitter today. Twitter name: chrisvj81

    10. move exclamation mark right and insert “work” to the end of that.

    11. Great concept guys

      but I can’t get pr’ing every workout because I still haven’t recieved my purchase. Only posting here because I’ve had no response to my other emails.

      Please can you track & if need be resend my order.

      Many thanks

      David Fleming

    12. Hi Frankie,
      Any ETA on when the next batch of DVD’s will be available? I didn’t find out about GymMovement until late in the game. Have been running into some ‘operator error’ on the ROM testing that I believe the video would help with.

      I’m gettin’ on it, and lovin’ it. Already changed my workouts from death march to something of much better quality form, even if I have to let the “numbers” (hence my ego) slide for a while. I’m sure there will come a point where the numbers will be back up, only with better form.

      I video’d myself testing some movements via toe reach ROM. It’s on youtube. If you have 5 min to review it & comment on why every thing seems to test about the same, I’d be very grateful.

      Thanks for this program man! I was doing kettlebells back in 2003, long before it was hip. I’m glad to be an early adopter of this as well.

      1. ScottA,

        We’re glad that you’re an early adopter of this, as well.

        I’m impressed that you have taken the initiative to test this out for yourself, film and ask questions.
        It looks as though you are doing everything correct.

        Have you tested to see if the “reach” test (shoulder flexion)
        or the “raise” test (shoulder abduction)?
        Either of these tests may yield a more sensitive response from you.
        Remember to stop the test at any sign of excess tension – anywhere in the body.

        Another metric to consider is the natural speed (like ROM, another movement quantity)
        at which you perform the movement.

        Your pistol for example looked difficult
        while your other squat variations looked faster –
        and not just because the squats are easier leverages.

        Let us know how it goes!

    13. Frankie, Adam and the others that are involved with this…..the cup is filling up and about to hit it’s tipping point. When is does dump out on the fitness industry they won’t know what hit them. I can’t wait!!! It has been preached to long to do this, then do this, then do this, then come back tomorrow and we’ll do it again and you may get stronger this way. Good bye forever. When you can test and see immediate improvements in all things, no one will say no except the “so called,” experts. Soon those same experts will be client less and begging for a chance to experience Gym Movement. Keep the momentum building!!!

      1. If we do our jobs…
        and if you help by telling those people that can hear the message,

        we will put to a stop to the idea of
        “Listen to me”

        with the message of
        “Listen to your body”

        Those who have eyes
        let them see.

        Those who have ears
        let them hear.

        Those who have biofeedback (that’s everybody, really)
        let them PR.

    14. Mark your on the money. I love to see the so called experts say it doesn’t work, yet they haven’t tryed it or so dam scared It might work. If you close your eyes for to long eventually u hit something. Or just open them and see everything

      1. Amen,

        We ask only one thing:
        test it.

        Unfortunately, that’s far too scientific for the exercise philosophers.

        Funny, I don’t remember seeing that degree plan available.

    15. What a great goal to aspire to. I hope you guys will take me seriously despite my age; there’s not a whole lot I can do about that, but I can (and do) show improvement every day.

      I guess I’ll be getting a twitter account,then.

      1. Age has little to do with it.
        Experience has something to do with it.
        Perspective on age and experience has a LOT to do with it.

        I take anyone who PRs every workout VERY seriously.


    16. I appreciate it, Frankie.
      I just got the twitter set up, and I’ll be posting today’s movements there later today.

    17. Adam and/or Frankie,
      This sounds great, love the idea. My only problem is I have no idea how to get my workouts to you guys. How does one “tweet?” Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I’m way behind in the tech department.
      Thanks guys.

      1. Dustin, now you can start tweeting. Once you log in, post a pr however you like, then include #preveryday at the end. That will help them find it. Come follow me here: http://twitter.com/joshhanagarne

        Then we can talk more and I’ll help you get going.

      1. As a point of interest,

        Z-Health didn’t originate the 9S model.
        Look in the Canadian Long Term Athletic Development Article from S-Phase
        (which is mainly 1 DVD course and 1 book)

        and you will see the original 9S model (uncited, of course).
        Of course, Siff’s 5S model is the father of those model (which is mentioned).

        The models I use are far simpler….
        and far more effective.

        Don’t take my word for it…
        You can ask:
        Marty Lotspeich Z-Health RIST Trainer
        Mike T Nelson Z-Health RIST, Master Trainer
        Craig Keaton Z-Health RIST Trainer

        Ask them how Z-Health education compares to what I teach.

        Thanks for the comment…
        Skepticism is always welcome.

    18. I wish you all well, but I’m not really into certifications … I tossed my degrees and certs away years ago … a piece of paper means very little to me.

      I’m grateful for the knowledge you’re all sharing and I’m happy to buy products/services that help improve my lifestyle and those I train with, but I have serious issues with the ideology of certification (don’t worry, I’ll spare you the polemic rant against the over-professionalization of movement).

      That being said … BEST WISHES to all involved. The ideas you are all talking about are truly revolutionary, and I hope the movement grows from strength to strength.

      And I will do everything I can to promote the people and concepts involved … that’s something I’m VERY happy to do 🙂


      1. Kira

        I see you are taking the basic model and making progress with it. What you have learned is only a small chunk of the total package of biomech, the bio chemical piece is huge, and the bio psych is uncharted territory for the industry.

        Thus far, we have only talked about a tiny piece of a huge vision.

        I am friends with many top trainers in this country, and none of them have ever showed me anything which stacks next to the information Frankie taught last weekend. Unlike many people in this industry, we do everything we say others should and lead from the front. If i dont do something, i dont think you should do it either unless you want to. That either appeals to you or it doesnt, and that is purely up to you. As long as you are following your body and leading yourself i am very happy.

      2. Thanks for the comment, Kira.

        You throwing your certs and degrees away means that you didn’t think they held value
        is a great commentary on this industry wide problem.
        Our industry’s credentials aren’t associated with actual credibility.

        We are committeed to creating a credential that means something….
        like having a bonafide black belt in jiu-jitsu.

        we will have Pre-Reqs, Pretests and Post Attendance Requirements which MUST be met BEFORE credentials are bestowed.

        This isn’t busy work or hoops to jump through – it is work SPECIFIC-ALLY related to being a personal trainer.

        Just imagine if we took all the education we have had and remove everything we don’t use, how much faster could we be educated?

        That is one of our goals.

        1. I’m always keen to learn new things and give them a try … but, as you say, certifications are more often than not, EXTRA hoops you have to jump through in order to get a piece of paper 🙁

          Thanks for explaining your cert process a little more. It does sound like you’re going to put in checks and balances to ensure it isn’t abused. This is good 🙂

          Speaking of BJJ …

          A BJJ dude I know runs a club … used to train hard … however, for the last nine months he’s been sitting around smoking weed and not training much … his (famous) coach came over last month and graded him up a belt … Furthermore, one of my training partners (he’s an MMA dude who uses me to spar stand-up) rolled with him recently and couldn’t believe how much his standards had slipped since the last time he rolled with him (maybe six months ago).

          Of course, the BJJ dude’s coach got to put on his seminars and clear 5 grand for the weekend …

          If this is anything to go by, I suspect the worth of a BJJ black belt will diminish greatly over the next decade or two.

          I much prefer my own sport—muay thai … you either fight or you don’t … you either win or you don’t … you either love it or you don’t … And you’re only as good as your last fight.


    19. The Biochem and Biopsych part Craigs brought up one time is still a mystery to me. Wondering if there’ll be some teaser material about it anytime soon.

      And so far that I know there’s nothing in the Z-Health 9-S Model that has anything to do with PRing. It’s just a model to cover different bases one can touch upon to increase athletic development.

      Simple is good, Simpler is better, Simplest…hmm.

      1. biochem and biopsych will be open to our coaches in the future. it is farther along than anything else on the market today.


        1. Thanks for the info Craig. Can’t wait to hear about it. In terms of Biochem are we talking nutrition? Biopsych are ae talking sport psychology?

          or is this an entire different realm all together?

    20. Wow, so how do I even get noticed to be even considered for a spot to cert? I have facebook, with more friends on there than on my twitter account…would it be okay if I start posting my PRs on there everyday…i’m sure all my friends would be interested in what I am up to, too!

      1. Want to get seen? Start posting your PRs

        its not a popularity contest, it is an event to gauge men of action

    21. Great stuff here guys and I am excited to see where this goes and be a part of it! Off to PR in the gym now…

      Rock on
      Mike T Nelson PhD(c)

    22. I’m now a tweeter (or something) Acct name is allen_non Posted workout numbers for 05-Mar and 08-Mar PR’s. Added #preveryday to each post. Let me know if I need to do anything else to rock on (besides PR every workout, of course!)

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