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  1. For the sake of accuracy, I’ll say “I probably do”. Depends what it is.
    If it’ll make me better, sure.

      1. Well, it’s been hot as Hell here in Perth, WA this week, so I’l take that as a sign.
        Count me all in.

      1. from my short time here on earth, girls especially hate it

        I’m in, I’ll take a ride, I got time…..

  2. Yea, what the hell. I’m in. So far I’ve only learned positive stuff and gained result from implementing what you have been sharing. Don’t keep us waiting please!

      1. I know, I know. Brilliant, isn’t it? That book changed my life, that is, it made it more hilarious.

        1. Wait, I just read Frankie’s post. Really, another RAW fan? I thought I was alone. That is so freakin’ awesome, how can I get in contact with him?
          Also, it seems plausible that the same kind of person who likes RAW – that is, a dissident/absurdist/eccentric/original thinker – would also find gym movement attractive.

  3. Does it cost money? If so, I’m out. Unless trade is an option… Seriously though, down for anything. This has all been awesome so far!

  4. I have to be. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired – and fat. There, I said it, fat.
    So … I’m overweight, over 50, female, with two bad knees and arthritis in my fingers, elbows and shoulders, BUT I USED TO BE STRONG (circus aerialist). Got any place for me in this whatever it is?

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