PR Thread marches on…26 Feb 10 to 5 March 10

I am on the road in St Paul attending a course with Frankie, Brad, Mike T, Chuck, and Marty. While i am away i would like you to continue to share your progress with each other and your observations with your training.

Observe, Ask a question, gather data, test it, screen data, share data, and retest. This is the process.

We will return early next week.

157 thoughts on “PR Thread marches on…26 Feb 10 to 5 March 10”

      1. Well, My lower body for the most part my base line of rom is top of the shin on good days, I have never been able to touch my toes before. I can’t squat wide stance or else my groin acts up, overall my flexibility for my lower body sucks.

        Nothing necessarily needs stretching so to say, but an increase in overall flexibility. The method to get the goal doesn’t matter.

  1. Today: PRs in:

    BUP with 32kg (volume and density)
    Zercher squats (volume and density)
    Dumbbell rows (volume and density)
    Rolling Thunder (volume and density)

    All were done in 10 minute test blocks, provided they tested well for 10 minutes.

  2. great work josh , josh is that zecher squat like it sounds load up bar put it in your arms and squat.
    These last 2 weeks been huge for me. Deadlift volume is a pr yeterday was overhand style in 20 minutes went like this 225×7,275×20 5×5, 315×4 315×3,405x in 20 min hit 405 pr shut it down lost rom. 32kg press volume 18 rep left and 23 right pr shut it down.
    I would like to comment on how this gym movement combined with what i learned at grip and rip has change my why of training and thinking. I am testing movements to reach certain goals so that is how my workouts have been set up. If my rom increases in a certain mov.its like my body unlock a switch as soon as i get improved rom its go time until i loose it or determine i have beat a pr or my form drops. i take what my body will give me. The results speak for themselves but its my movement outside the gym where i have seen the most improvements. i feel good refreshed not tired or beat up i wake up ready to move and that is huge for me and what i need to do in a day, i am busy and being tired and beat up with sore muscles does nothing for me my goals and my family. It makes since that you listen to your body and it helps you. if your body is so infalmed with soreness and latic acid how is that helping me. This is the best i have felt in a long time and maybe the most productive i have been with my body. It seems you are only limited by yourself with gym movement, like they say more is not better better is better and it works

  3. i also find my ability to test a movement pr in that movement and still have something left in the tank. i do just enough to keep moving forward. Take the plate curl never did i do plate curls until my hands felt like they were going to fall off or my elbow joints felt like they were going to snap. or i was in a puddle of sweat. No i did just the opposite just enough to get by and the result have been a pr of 1 rep each arm with a 35pound plate a milestone for me was reached it makes me know that i can only trust myself, i have had great help from adam but it was me in the end that applied what i was taught and listen to my body. you do not have to been smoked or near death to experience progress you just need enough to keep moving forward and following your own body what is more fun than that, 2010 will be the best year yet for me because it will be about application and adaption and working in harmony with my body this really is so easy and so much fun.

  4. yesterday:
    Barbell clean & jerk (intensity)
    weighted pull-up PR (75 lb)
    bent-over row PR (volume)
    65 lb barbell TGU (new movement)
    65 lb barbell 1-hand snatch (new movement)

    Do you guys have days where almost everything tests well? Does this mean that my body is reacting well to all the exersizes (that’s what I suspect) or does this indicate imperfect testing? I find it confusing when I see a 4 in. ROM increase in 5 straight movements.

  5. mike, your making great progress man, keep it up. You said that you have been feeling alot better, pretty amazing right. I haven’t felt this good in years. I still have a little ways to go. I think one of the biggest things been for me is not only picking the right movements but not doing the wrong ones. That i think is what has helped me the most. Pressing most days tests like shit, but when ever it tests well i go for it. I use to be so obsesed with pressing and i think thats what hurt my shoulders. That is some strong pulling on overhand grip.

  6. frank whats up buddy it was great to meet you at the grip and rip and thanks for looking out for me, i appreciate it. Frank it good to hear your doing good, biofeedback and what i learned at grip and rip is really helping, pain free is the name of the game for me, sometimes you forget what it is like to not feel pain. This shit is amazing you can test everything and go from there i am pushing more weight and more volume in less time and becomming more and more energized each day. The only reel limited is test results. i have my goals and the exercise to get them then i test maybe 6 big movements take the top 3 and get after it. Not sure about you but i can hit 3 diff. movements throughout the day depending on how i test , somedays its 10 minutes some days 20 when i loose rom shut it down. In my case i can almost tell strength wise when i am starting to loose range then i will double check. Makes me ask alot of questions and think about every move i make no more of that no pain no gain stupidity or do ten reps of this ,even though after 5 reps your vertebrate is shape like an S, push trough you will get stronger. No thanks i will decide when to put the weight down, like our tribe leader says we only deal in best around here. Sky is the limit good luck frank keep me updated with your progress and i will see you soon. thanks

  7. good stuff josh, thanks i find myself using everything lately rings, trx. bench press, rows your movements are really limited by your test, and it is amazing to me that i feel no soreness and only increases in energy even after a workout my energy levels are up. This is great stuff.

  8. Christian, i just test my movements, figure out best ones and do them until i loose range of motion but thats just me

  9. It is so much fun to read about your progress, Mike. It’s amazing!

    Like Mike, I feel so great in my day-to-day activities. I don’t dread going to the gym to try to “get through” my training. Each trip to the gym is an adventure. What will my body have in store for me today? How well will I listen to my body? What am I capable of?

    I feel free. Free of the program, free of the uncertainty, free of my own negative thoughts. I’ve been training smarter and getting in sync with myself. Life is crazy good!!

    1. Amy

      this is wonderful to read! Did you review the program min article i wrote? Frankie sent it out about a week ago.

  10. quick pr tonight with the cocg grippers. right hand #2.5 two closes in a row. Left hand # 2 two closes in a row. I was never able to close the 2 with my right so to be able to do it twice was nice. These were done i closed the gripper alittle to put it in my hand then closed, not closed from all the way open. Man i tryed that # 3 tough, thats will be a while.

  11. hey mike do you find that your body doesn’t like to press overhead. I remember at the grip and rip you said your shoulders are always real tight. Just wondering if that was affecting your training or not. Do you always have a couple of exercises that always test well.

  12. Was digging through some old books today and ran across Arthur Saxons Textbook of WeightLifting.Put out in 1910.100 years later still full of solid training info.The great days before the juice and supplement explosion.One exercise I founf in there was a single kettlebell lift.Two hands hold bell by the horns ball up with thumbs pressing against back of bell.Hold around chin level and press overhead to lockout.Didn’t sound overly hard.Tested well so tried it out.24kgx5 28kgx5 32kgx5 36kg 5×5.PR.Weight and reps since I had never done before.Rows 36kg 5×5.PR weight.Kettlebell curls by the horns 32kg 3×10.PR Reps.Anyone have opinions about oldtime lifters like Saxon,Sandow,etc?

    1. I love reading about them. I do wonder if there is any inflation in their numbers, but not enough to go check for myself:)

    2. Joel, have you seen the Russian Kettlebell Challenge DVD? There is a press in there that Pavel demonstrates that sounds similar; if you have seen this as well, can you describe how/if it is different?
      I found the press from the RKC DVD to be a great starting point with my KB lifting, as my non-dominant arm in particular really couldn’t cope with good quality 1-arm reps at the start.

    3. Most of them had a better average then today… but realise they didnt know any “secrets” as so many people want to sell you. Saxon was very strong, but what was he strong at? The lifts he did often, which is exactly what we all know. No secrets. If you want to best him, you could.

      The thumb press thing, I play around with something like that with my pinch blocks from time to time.

  13. Frank i love pressing , barbell, db , kb, one hand 2 hands , frank it is the snatch that really shows how tight my shoulders are the rom is really limited it is a work in progress . with the press i never push like at the grip and rip soon as movement declines or breathing picks up , or face tension put it down shake out retest then decide.

  14. amy
    its is so much fun this training. Amy it was great to finally meet you at the grip and rip what a weekend that was awsome stuff keep up all the great stuff your doing thanks again amy.

  15. do many of you guys or ladies still do joint mobility anymore. I myself have dropped alot of it and i feel better . Wondering if people have the same experience. What i will do if i wake up and my chest is tight i find what makes it better and do more reps of a certain movement. I think when i stopped using all the tention in my lifts that has helped a great deal. Last night i did grippers and i know i used a little more efort then i should of, and i woke up a litttle tight. Do any of you find this to.

    1. When is JM good? When we are addressing movements we do not do in our macro movement practice.

  16. 28/02/10 – Used my “Super Gripper” crush grip trainer while at work and got what I believe would be volume and density PRs (no official records). ROM was still good at the end, but smooth movement was starting to decline and my trouble right wrist was starting to feel a little pain, so terminated after 8 sets of 8.
    Hoping to hit Goblet Squats or 24kg single KB presses tomorrow if they test well, as I will then be able to tweet my first proveable logged PRs. Very excited, now that I’ve started logging my training, to put it to good use.

      1. Hey Adam, yeah I have an account (CMRDBones) and I have set up following you, Frankie, the PR channel and Josh a s well. Have not tweeted training related yet as I want definite measured PRs and fatigue from work schedule has resulted in many bad tests.

  17. I want to stat doing some bending but i don’t know where to start. Should i buy from iron mind, fbbc or just buy things from home depot. I don’t know what sizes of the pieces to buy to start out. Any help would be great.


    1. Frank

      With your strength, start with 1/4″ X 6″ Grade 2 “hex head cap screws” they are easy. Alternatively you can pick up “Hot dipped 60D timber nails” or variations of these

  18. Frank,
    I still do some joint mobility – ankle circles, toe pulls, some hip drills – but not regularly like I used to. If my ankles or hips feel “clogged up,” I’ll do some drills.

    I’d like to do a session with Mike Nelson to see if he can help me with my pressing. I have a definite weak spot in that lift, and I’m curious if some eye work would help. I’ve been trying to press a heavier bell for over a year, but I haven’t budged. I’m increasing like crazy in my other lifts, though.

    1. Amy

      test out not doing JM.

      If something requires a warm up- it is not a quality movement for you. Try a few days of this. Test out your movements- select best. Test loads, select best. Now get going. No “warm up” no “joint mobility” no stretching, no nothing. Let me know how it goes.

    2. Amy, thanks for your response to my post further down. (didn’t see a “reply” button) I may need to do the arm raise ROM you mentioned, as my testing in the toe reach doesn’t seem to indicate a whole lot of variability for different movements. Where can I find the method for the arm raise? I don’t have the DVD yet. Thanks,

      1. Scott,
        I just put my arm out to the side, palm down, and raise my arm up while keeping it extended. I have a mirror in my training room so I can see the result easily. Sometimes I keep my eyes closed until I feel tension. Then I’ll open them and see the result.

        1. Perfect! Thanks Amy! I have a mirror that I can set up. With time & experience, I expect I’ll begin to feel intuitively what I now have to measure. Since most of my issues seem to be with shoulder related movements, the arm raise might be a more targeted test. Many thanks! ScottA

  19. pr with rolling thunder right hand 173 up from 169. Left hand 158 up from 154. I wasn’t going to workout today but it tested good. Four pounds doesn’t seem like alot until you get on this thing. Not bad considering i did grippers late last night. Did some light clubs for 20 reps sets, felt real good, and clubbell swings.

    1. “Four pounds doesn’t seem like a lot until you get on this thing”

      Very true. Frank, I got stuck around 170 for a while until I started doing swings with the RT handle and a stack of plates. I have to stand on two low plyo boxes to give myself enough room, but it has been a big help. Same but different for the thumb.

      1. Frank

        here are a few things for Rolling thunder which help.

        #1 The “Water Trick” first keep your rolling thuder device clean. Do not allow chalk or dirt to fill up the plastic. Clean off your hands. Put a tny little dap of water in your palm and give yourself a friction burn or “indian burn” on the palms. Then pull. I do not use chalk any more with my RT, i try to get my hands as clean and dry as possible. The chalk acts like tiny little ball bearings.

        #2 Speed is key. Instead of slow poking the pulls, test lower resistance at higher speed.
        #3 More reps in a set beats static holds. I quit pulling and holding, and now i pull and bounce. This has been way better. I pull a rep, then bounce it off the floor and pull again, and again, and again. test first.

  20. frank,

    I don’t use imperial units, but I’d begin with 3/16″ thick stock, and then progress to 1/4″ (don’t know if there are any sizes inbetween). Lengths are typically between five and seven inches, the former requiring not only more strength to bend, but technique, or “feel” is altered as well.

    PRs today:
    fast bends of 5″x6mm CRS, 25s and 28s to below 2″, began reverse and finished DO
    C&P: four singles with both arms, 32 kg in 12 minutes (previous best was two singles)
    Front lever rows, adv. tuck: volume

  21. hello to all my grip and rip friends how are the primative movements testing out, that brad and adam taught us i have been testing thesew and adding them into my movements slow and steady for me with these, as the are a weakness of mine right now. Slow and steady with these i like the crab walk , squat jumps , and the bear crawl let me know which ones you guys have been using. I hit another pr today one arm 24kg bell pressing 89 reps in 15 minutes broke pr shut it down. Its funny if i set out today to do 75 reps as my main goal i would spend all day and not get 75 reps , but if i get a positive test in 15 minutes i hit 89 reps with just enough energy to get through it and still plenty left for the rest of day. The sky is the limit when you listen to your body the rewards will be plentiful. FRank looking to do some bending as that is a goal for this year keep me posted with your progress, good stuff.

    1. Mike, on your testing observation vs. Grease the groove.

      We observe doing a quality movement improves all movements, and a negative movement degrades all movements. With this said- Greasing the groove can be slowing you down if the selected drill is a poorly testing drill.

      So if you want to do frequent exercise while at work. Test- pick best one, and only do reps during the day as they continue to go well.

      1. Mike – I brought a couple kettlebells to work, and I can hang on my desk to do vertical pulls a la Combat Conditioning. Every day I will test presses, pushups, vert pulls, etc and do whatever tests well throughout the day. Some days nothing does, so then I don’t train at work. But most days at least one movement is very positive. It’s been working great for me over the last three weeks.


  22. josh,
    how heavy do you go with the rolling thunder swings? Are you going just for a couple of reps or a lot. Thats a good idea, never thought of that. How are you feeling after being sick.

    thats nice 89 reps in 15 minutes. I still am impressed with the way you tore those telephone books. Like it nothing. Keep it up.

    1. Frank, I’m STILL sick. It comes and goes. I’m just passing it around with my son, wife, and the hundreds of thousands of books that pass through the library each month:)

      For RT, so far I haven’t gone above 70lbs for swings. Reps usually fall between 10-20.

  23. thanks frank
    been messing and testing with those finger lifts like adam showed us using just a band i have noticed a big difference in my grip doing kb or pullups especially my last 2 fingers ring and pinkie great stuff there , this is a very helpful tool try it out.

    1. Mike

      I knew you would like that one. As you get comfortable with it, play with the speed of the pull against the band. Start slow and work to faster and faster. You will never fail in a pull from grip again

  24. 26th Feb. I hit 5 PRs …
    Rep increase at 2 intensities of squat.
    Rep per time increase of KB pushup.
    Rep per time increase of swing.
    Rep per time increase of bent press.

    27th Feb. I hit 4 PRs …
    Rep increase at 2 intensities of squat.
    Rep increase at 2 intensities of deadlift.

    28th Feb. I hit 3 PRs …
    Rep per time increase of KB clean and jerk.
    Rep increase of deadlift.
    Max rep increase of weighted vest jump rope.

      1. I haven’t been keeping track of weight/body comp … I tend to get ‘anal’ about it, and only worry about it if I absolutely have to (eg. if I’ve gotta make a set weight for some kind of comp) or if my wife says I’m getting fat. As long as I can move well, I’m not too fussed.

        That being said, I’ve definitely got bigger … mostly muscle, but some lard too.

        In April I will start monitoring my weight … I’m going to Thailand in July to train and fight, so I”ll need a reasonably low body-fat % by then. I don’t believe in ‘cutting weight’, so I’ll spend three months to slowly make my ‘walk around’ weight my fight weight (at the stadium I will be fighting at, they have same day weigh ins, so I wouldn’t benefit from cutting weight anyway).

        I’m particularly interested to see what weight ‘feels right’ for me this time around … Last year in Thailand I fought at 155 lbs (5’10”) … I suspect this time I’ll be closer to 165 lbs πŸ™‚

  25. Hey all, been off the radar for a couple days:

    2/24: Long Cycle 24kg Density. Wide Grip Pullups Density.
    2/25: off day (base ROM off)
    2/26: one of our fighters had a match so limited to dips off of two chair handles which tested well throughout the day. however, McDonald’s two burgers, fries, 20 nuggets Density.
    2/27: rolling thunder volume, dbl 24kg front squat volume/density.
    2/28: inverted BW rows volume/density. 32kg kb press volume/density. double 24 kg swing volume.

    1. George

      How is the rolling thunder treating you? It is the newer one with a gold colored plastic ring, or the older black model?
      Congrats on the McNugget Density! Every thing i try to eat McDonalds i end up feeling like i am hung over later on. It think it is a local thing. I am, as you know, a huge supporter of a Steak with a side of Steak dinner and i crushed some awesome beef this weekend in St Paul

      1. Rolling Thunder is doing well. It’s not solid black so I’m assuming it’s the former.

        Left hand is catching up to the right.

        Steak with a side of steak with some steak on the side is always good!

  26. Today I did 1 hour rock climbing at lunch, and in the evening workout I set PR’s in rows and push ups.
    Good day today πŸ™‚

      1. I did it twice a week indoors for about a year, then my climbing partner got really ill. First time I’ve been since November, my new job is near an indoor climbing centre so I’m going to skip lunch once or twice a week and do some bouldering πŸ™‚

        I love climbing/bouldering, works the whole body in lots of different positions, from gentle movements to big explosive leaps… also it really works finger strength!

  27. 1st March. I hit 5 PRs …
    Rep increase of squat.
    Rep increase of bench.
    Rep per time increase of KB press.
    Rep per time increase of sledge slams.
    Max rep increase of weighted vest jump rope.

    Also sparred a youngster (23yo) … left him lying in a pool of his own sweat after six rounds … I barely raised a sweatβ€”better is better. better is more πŸ™‚

    1. Kira, have you seen the movie
      “Bad Santa” with Billy Bob Thorton? He has a point where he said “I turned a corner today. I beat the shit out of some kids. It made me feel good”

      So awesome.

      1. Ha! Haven’t seen that movie … I’ll track it down πŸ˜‰

        I certainly do get an immense amount of satisfaction and pleasure beating the crap out of cocky youngsters who should be able to kick my ass …

        I suspect there are many associated health benefits. I heartily recommend the activity πŸ™‚

  28. Crashed & burned, most likely my own fault and ignorance.

    Normally MP 84# (24kg+12kg+4# magnetic weights) for up to around 20 singles each side, in about 28 minutes. Today, tested my baseline, 3.5″. Tested MP with 16kg, still 3.5″. Tested all the way up to 84#, no indications to go lighter. Noticed I was having to take a bit more time for recovery, but not a lot more. Left handed reps were very challenging, but after each rep, I’d test around 4″, so only about .5″ loss. After about 60-90 seconds, I’d be back to my baseline or better, but the reps were getting “louder”. Finally at rep #15 Left side, the bell started up but ran out of gas almost without warning.

    I have had good results generally so far, but this concerns me. Not about the Biofeedback program, but about my proficiency in operating it.

    When I begin a workout, I usually have exercises that I do on certain days. I test to make sure it’s not a bad drill for that day, but nothing ever seems to test bad (or good), more than a half inch from baseline either way. I try testing the movement with little weight as possible, but am now questioning if that is what I’m supposed to do. Do I need to use more weight to elicit the response?

    Also, should I toss my workout template (certain drills on certain days assuming the test well) and just test a whole host of exercises each day to see which test the best? (assuming I could tell with in a half inch from base?)

    I don’t have the dvd yet, waiting till batch #2 is available. I’ve watched the online videos a couple of times. What am I missing? I’m still very pumped for the program, but discouraged in my own implementation so far.

    Also, Mike Sheehan, you mentioned “just doing enough to get by”. I’m apparently still more of a martyr than a master right now. Tough pattern to break out of for me. How do you know when you’ve done enough to “get by”?

    Any help, advise, kicks in the posterior chain welcome.


    1. Scott, a lot of questions. Post your answers to your own questions, after which i will tell you my thoughts.

      Operator error defeats any system, no matter how well designed

      1. Hey Adam, will try to keep this shorter. Questions & my attempts at an answer below- Feel free to kick over to email if that’s better for you.

        Q. When testing, do I need to use more weight to elicit the response?
        A. ScottA- from the video’s, I’d say “no, just the movement itself”. (But, just doing the movement I get very little variance from baseline.)

        Q. Should I toss my workout template (certain days for certain drills assuming they test well) and just test a lot of movements & pick the best testing ones to do?
        A. ScottA- I guess I’d have to say “yes”, assuming I could become more discriminating in my testing. Currently, everything I test seems to hang within < a half inch of base. During a workout, I do get up to an inch of variation from base, which tells me to wait before starting the next set.

        Q. Testing- ROM-what am I missing?
        A. ScottA- this is the key. I relax, let my body hang over, (definitely NOT forcing ROM over tension) and touch my finger tips to a piece of plastic marked in inches. I get very repeatable readings (like measuring "base" 4 times in a row and get the same number.) but again, I get nothing like the variations I saw on the videos.

        Observation on my workout above- I was probably stupid. I was very mentally distracted on a social "situation". The MP reps tested same as base, so I did them. Last week, tested the same exact way for MP and had a PR. Yesterday though, I could tell I was 'off' my game a bit. Should probably have canned the w/o, but was trying to get some sort of PR. Again, just greedy I guess.

        Operator error is certainly the culprit. I just need help figuring out what the error is and fix it. Wish you all were in Georgia! Would have loved going to the G&R. Sounds like a lot of people learned a lot of good stuff.


        1. Scott, you are getting better- Do you see how you answered your own question above and learnd something? This is the process- We observe something occur, we ask a question, look for an answer, find a way to test it, share the information with others, and retest it. I will retest what you have said above and share my observations with you later today

          1. I was having trouble determining better ROM with the toe touch, so I started doing an arm raise. I can see a noticeable difference between baseline, better, and worse.

  29. big pr’s tonight, double kb press using the 53’s for 90 reps in 20 min, up from 77 reps in 20 min. Bent over rows using straight bar. 225 for 72 reps in 20 min, up from 58 reps in 20 min. Kb deads conventional stance used two 97’s for 154 reps, up from 134 reps. The 134 was doing sumo, but i figure i would compare it to that because the last conventionl kb dead i blow away and wasn’t even close. Total pounds moved 55,616 up from 52,441. This is the most pounds moved so far. All of this was done in one hour. Man all the rowing is really paying of big time. I will take pictures at the end of this week. It will be one month since the grip and rip. Can’t even think what 2 or 3 months will be like. Feel great.

    1. Frank

      I am throwing a physique transformation contest next month, make sure you are tracking your photos! I am not suprised one bit, but i am still impressed.

      Remember when i said- come out to the workshop, you will not be disappointed? I am going to repeat myself soon. Like mighty Uncle Sam, I want YOU to come on out

  30. Mike,
    Thanks for the response! You’re right, ‘no pain no gain’ is a self defeating mentality, and it’s strangely a tough one to break free from. Seems like the stronger the work ethic, the tougher it is to escape. I need to beat into my head “better is better. better is more.”

    1. Scott

      Question the concept of “Stronger the work ethic, tougher to escape”

      Is that really the case here?

      Additionally, question if you need to “beat it in to your head” πŸ™‚

      Making it easy is easy, when you allow it to be easy.

      1. Hi Adam,
        Actually for me, it is the case. My training ethic is borderline obsessive. Too many years of football, firefighting, weightlifting, and other similar pursuits. I am conditioned to pretty much train till I drop, and I feel guilty if I don’t. So, I agree- it’s going to be great once I get this new biofeedback programming straight in my head (by beating or whatever means necessary). I’d love easier, shorter, better workouts. I just recognize there is a self created current that I’ll be swimming against until I “get it”. “Allowing it to be easy” is what is hard for me.

        Any idea when you’ll put the testing videos back up somewhere? I missed out on the first batch of DVD’s & would like something I can refer to while I work on my testing practice.
        Thanks Adam!

  31. Could someone point me to the 7 videos Adam made on biofeedback? Lost my link somehow and can’t find them to save my life. I want to review them all again to try & figure out where I’m missing the boat.


      1. Thanks Josh. Are there any other out there I can view? I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong in my ROM testing.

  32. Scott this is a hard on to break. I always know when I push a little too hard because the tension returns in my neck and shoulder. I usually never miss a Rep.

  33. PR in total push ups, up 9 reps from yesterdays PR. I love that!
    PR in total moved with double KB front squats.

    Also weighed in this morning, 2kg of fat moved in two weeks, definitely loving that! The more excess fat I shift the easier the double bodyweight deadlift will be! πŸ™‚

  34. Contest like the way that’s sounds.any idea on the month of the work shop?

  35. March 2:
    Corn-cobb pull up volume/density PR
    barbell clean & jerk intensity PR
    Box jump volume PR

    People are starting to call me “crazy” in the gym because I am making such outrageous progress. At 155 lb, I’m starting to make the football players insecure about their strength (keep in mind, I’m in high-school. ugh.). Curiously, I’ve noticed that GM has made me more coordinated as well as stronger and more conditioned, allowing me to do “feats of strength” like 1-handed barbell snatches, 1 hand pull-ups, and an as-yet-unnamed pull-up that includes a jump off the bar and hand-switching. All of this is ridiculously fun and not at all arduous. It feels like cheating. I love it.

    1. Brad

      Instead of making them afraid, you should train them and make friends and money. I wish i would have had he foresight in HS to make money, not just make people scared πŸ™‚

      “it feels like cheating” I love that

      1. Oh, I do the “make friends” portion. That is, I train people for free at the moment. Given my age (17) and percieved inexperience, it seems implausible to charge people – yet.

        I’ve also noticed two types of people who don’t react well to GM:
        (1) Crossfit types. I have seen multiple crew (rowing) atheletes who see my progress with little effort, acknowledge it, and continue to train themselves to exhaustion and injury. They appear completely brainwashed with all the martyrdom fantasies that you have already described. I find this type marked by statements like “I know that it works, but I just want to WORK HARD today,” this is usually followed by a set of bench-press to failure.
        (2) People that, oddly, don’t actually want to get better. I know that sounds weird, but I see many people who are honestly happy not improving and would rather stick with an ineffective program than try anything new. I would call these people “neophobes.” I would also call them stupid, but that’s just me.

        Most people I’ve talked to are surprisingly receptive though, especially those who see my progress.

        1. Free is not friendly πŸ™‚ Charge them, they are more likely to use it and appreciate it if you do.

  36. Sat Feb 27 PRs left arm KB press volume and density
    Sun Feb 28 PRs KB swing volume and density

  37. more pr’s tonight. 2 inch v bar, right hand 228 up from 203. Left hand 203 up from 183. I did half kneeling kb one arm press. 35 pounder tested well. I think i need to work on my pressing groove. 20 min work set did 107 reps per arm. First time i did this exercise.My right side pressing is a little different then my right. This could be the problem with the tightness in my neck and shoulder in the paste. Plate curled the 35 four reps per arm. I was still able to pinch the two 35’s pretty easy. Then finished with 5 pound clubs.131 reps per arm, head casts. The movement felt smoother and no tightness in neck, and shoulders.

  38. PRs tonight

    Log Bar, V bar, blob lifting, worked on my juggling, rotational plate curls, and some foot work. Fun night

  39. Goblet squats 5 reps each 16kg thru 36kg,36kg back down to 16kg.PR in total reps.My big PR of the night was my one arm row,32kg 15 sets of 5 reps.75 per arm.Previous best 10 sets of 5 reps ,50 reps on 2.25.10.Reverse grip thumbless pullups 1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1.25reps 195# B.W.

    1. YES!!!! I want to see it, its time to call IM, you are about to make history!

      You people have no idea how important this one is! Matt i am so proud of you

  40. 03/03/2010 – BIG PR session on Goblet Squats.
    Almost copped out altogether as I was changing from night shift to day shift and got less than 3 hours sleep before a 0500-1500hrs shift. But I got home around 1630hrs, tested a few things and Goblets tested really well (which I’d been praying for).
    More than doubled volume, nearly doubled density and increased reps per set.
    I’m loving this and feeling more driven than ever.

    Plus, the last week+ I’ve been feeling like I move more fluidly and yet with more stability than ever. Gold.

  41. david,
    thanks for the advice on the flip video, ordered it today. Now i can track progress better, and see whats going on with my pressing on my right side.

  42. It has alomost been a month since really starting the biofeedback. I am getting better at testing ( the toe touch). For me the key is to really relax on the way down, go smooth and don’t push. Since working on the testing part and really paying attention, i have noticed that my pressing is testing better. Some people might be able to get away with testing at a faster pace, but other may have to go really slow and try to watch whats really happening on the way down. Since doing it this way i can see the difference between good and better movements. Keep chipping away and you answer alot of your own questions.

  43. 3/2 PR volume vertical pulls (convict conditioning step 2)
    3/3 PR volume and density KB swings — three straight sessions setting swing PR

  44. Haven’t done dips, but they tested really well, and I set a baseline to improve upon.

    Weighted tactical pull-up: 55,5 kg @ 75 kg BW, a 3 kg PR. Did this between dipping sets. What’s strange that just yesterday I trained one-arm chins assisted with a rubber band. I suppose my body was craving some pulling – same but different.

    Plate curl volume and density.

  45. can anyone tell me when you do a b stance dead lift which leg is being worked more. I thinking the back leg but iam not 100%.

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