PR Thread marches on…26 Feb 10 to 5 March 10

I am on the road in St Paul attending a course with Frankie, Brad, Mike T, Chuck, and Marty. While i am away i would like you to continue to share your progress with each other and your observations with your training.

Observe, Ask a question, gather data, test it, screen data, share data, and retest. This is the process.

We will return early next week.

157 thoughts on “PR Thread marches on…26 Feb 10 to 5 March 10”

  1. Set a baseline tonight with 10min sets of snatches w/32kg(71reps) and 24kg(85reps), all I can say is snatching has never felt better when all focus is on quality… I feel great afterwards and I am not even slightly sore in my palms as I usually get especially when working on the 32kg…
    Also did touch´n´go DL with 2x10kg plate pinch….

    Really looking forward to the next session of this to see what happens….

  2. KB swing intensity PR
    double KB clean and jerk intensity PR
    KB military press intensity PR

    I got a shipment of 4 new kettlebells today; I’m giddy. Collection to date: one 16KG, two 20KG, two 24 KG and one 32 KG. The 32kg feels light: I could clean and press it right out of the box.

    Adam, I’m getting so much stronger, it’s absurd.

  3. The Basics tested well for me tonight… Still light weights but I’m doing better

    28 Minutes Lifting Session
    Push ups, Reps Pr… 13 > Pathetically low but I have never been good at them so I’m pleased with any increase.
    Sumo Deadlifts, Reps Pr…. 6 @ 180lbs, Good lifting speed…

    after the work out my body feels great

    1. Christian, get away from phrases like “pathetically low.” If you’re pleased with the increase, just say that and keep moving. Nothing comes from unnecessary negativity. You only have to compare you to you. No matter what anyone here is doing, someone out there could make that effort look “pathetically low,” Adam being an exception in a couple of areas.

      Good job! That’s it. Good job!

        1. Hey Christian, mate I’m a full on Push Up-a-phobic for how bizarrely slowly those things go up for me. The funny thing is that I am a light guy and getting fairly strong, so everyone at work assumes I could go like a machine on push ups. But they just straight up do not jive with me!
          So I’ve just had to accept exactly the same thing that Josh pointed out, that good for me is good for me and getting better is better, full stop. Or “period” as I you might be more used to hearing if you’re in the States like most of you seem to be, haha.
          (I tried to set a baseline for Push Ups recently and only managed 3 sets of 15 reps and was the sorest of any exercise I have been in ages, so you’re not the the only one with work to do! Funny thing was my usual one set max is 30 or so, but Elements of Effort showed up WAAAAY before that.)

      1. Agreed with WSL. I always aim to do the minimum amount of work in all things, so any day i can go low i am happy

        1. christaian,

          the only time i really get sore is when my pounds moved per workout go up alot, or if i use too much effrort. Besides that i really don’t get sore. Its actually a nice feeling.

  4. I moved 26,010 lbs. in 34 minutes today. That’s a PR.

    I also had a PR on double swings – 225 reps in 10 minutes with double 16 kgs (15,750 lbs.). That’s an improvement from Monday, the last time I trained.

    The best PR of my training today was my ability to keep my neck relaxed and in a neutral position. Because I’m not straining to do a certain number of reps, I can focus on the quality of my movement. Nelson has been trying to get me to relax my neck for years. It seems so simple now.

  5. Volume and intensity prs on zercher squats.
    pinched 4 10 lb plates to full lockout with each hand.
    hand to hand bottoms up palmed kb tosses
    volume pr on 44kg stacked presses
    intensity pr on axle press
    24kg kettlebell hand to hand swings, volume pr
    reps with 40kg kettlebell snatch

    Awesome week so far, and that’s only two, post-sick training days.

  6. 04/03 – Rows /w 24kg KB: volume PR. May have been density as well, but didn’t have a stopwatch with me.

    I’ve found that even on days that I am exhausted in general, picking the best exercise and stopping shortly after the first PR makes me feel not only okay, but often a ton better, like it’s put MORE in my tank, not taking from it.

  7. for the guys that do the rolling thunder. The loading pin that i have been using is 12 inchs. What is the one that is used in competion? I want to say 15 inches but i am not sure. if so do you think i should change over, or maybe its not that big of a deal. I want to buy some hex dumbells and saw them but i am not sure what size will be good to start wit? Any suggestions, i don’t want to waster money on ones that i don’t need.

    1. If comp pin is 15, and you pull on a 12, you are pulling each rep farther. That is good.

      On hex’s buy a 60lbs DB and a 75lbs bell to start

  8. Good progress, quality. Pistol density increased PLUS better quality reps.

    3-Mar-10 Pistol 52.8# 22 reps V=1162 T=10:02 D=115.77
    Snatch 70.4# 130 reps V=9152 T=14:25 D=634.82*

    24-Feb-10 Pistol 52.8# 20 reps V=1056 T=12:12 D=86.56
    Snatches 70.4# 120 reps V=8448 T=9:38 D=876.96
    *Density decreased because I went from 60s cycle to biofeedback regulated sets. Snatch reps were clean all the way to the end, stopped before hands heated up (prelude to blisters). Not really tired afterwards. Reps are totals L+R.

    Biofeedback is working GREAT to determine when to terminate a set and when to begin the next set. Still grappling with being able to select movements. Yesterday’s movement testing video below. All movements tested pretty close to the baseline, but the drills I ended up selecting worked fine anyway. Please watch video (~ 5 minutes) & comment here or email me. allen_non (at yahoo dot com)

  9. 3-4-10:
    Barbell clean & jerk volume/density PR
    side press intensity PR
    Gooseneck pull-up volume PR

  10. 3rd March. 1 PR …
    rep max increase of KB press.

    4th March. 2 PRs …
    1 rep max increase of sumo deadlift.
    rep max increase of heavy KB swing.

  11. 3/3–deadlift intensity, quality.
    3/4–20kg BU press volume, density, quality. BW pullup quality.

  12. sumo deads 275 for 50 reps in 20 min. Reps were easy. Half kneeling bup with the 44. Beacause of my ceiling height. 60 reps in 20 min. These felt really good, i think this will help my pressing and shoulders alot. Never missed a rep, did sets of 5 all the way. I say josh’s video try to pick up kb upside down, picked up my 35 pounder. Its a lifeline 5 and half inch wide. pretty tough. Got both hands to standing. First time i did arm bar i a long time. But first time i diddn’t feel any pain. I am calling that a pr. All these drills were new so we will see next time around. my weight is 227 but leaner then last week. No weight gain this week, that just means add another shake or food for next week.

    1. Half kneeling BUP with 44kg or 44lbs?

      On the weight gain- Important here. It is not linear. You should not expect a pound a week or anything like that. SET POINT THEORY, we will talk more on that soon. Expect sudden gains and drops, then a slow time as things balance out.

      1. adam that was done with the 44 pounds i always write in pounds. I wish, i should have been more clear. I started to try my 79 pounder i moved it have way and i realized i was using too much tension so i stopped. I don’t think i would have got it anyway. But the 44 pounder felt really good. My previous best on the bup standing was 2 or so reps with the 70 pounder. But that was a while ago. I am taking the shoulder stuff a little more slow, i know it will come though, i am sure of that now. Maybe i wasn’t before but i know things are different now in what i have learned. I am trying to press without alot of tension, i think thats what was cause my neck and shoulders to tighten. Its a learning process. The sumo’s were overhand grip so thats good, my grip starting to feel strong. Grip training is so much fun. I never would of thought.

        On the weight gain, i say that becasuse all that i have added so far to gain the 8 pounds is two shakes a day. I still am not eating alot yet,so i know i will gain more pretty quick if i addd some more food. I still am eating like a bird, but i am trying to add the calories slowly.

  13. Bottoms up press volume with 32kg and 36kg, finger lift volume, plate curl intensity

  14. March 4:

    32kg Long Cycle Volume/Density. +1 rep then previous record (Feb. 18th) and 7.5 mins faster. Have not trained 32kg LC since then.

  15. Pr in reps/intensity w bup 16kg. I am so close to the 20k I can taste it! Pr intensity/reps for my pullups. I can’t get over how great I feel!

  16. Did 50mins of bouldering at lunch, got a lot more actual climbing done than last time and less resting.

    Evening workout PR’s:
    volume and density for push ups (58 total today, up from 53 three days ago and a big improvement on my 34 total on 24th Feb!)
    volume and density for squats

  17. 5th March. 4 PRs …
    max volume increase of bench.
    max volume increase of heavy KB swing.
    max session volume increase.
    big quality increase of tactical pullups.

  18. pr’s in kb one arm rows, used 61 pounder 89 reps up from 64 in 20 min. pinched 4 10’s fist time ever. I ripped a cheap dollar store deck of cards, never done this. I have bicycle cards coming soon. tonight i did windmills, it has been a long time. I have alot better rom, i can g much deeper. This made my shoulders feel great. i am able to use my 5 pounds clubs for longer and no discomfort. Huge pr this week, i was able to have three pressing workouts. Going from maybe one a week. I still am going slow, but thats ok. I know i need to not do the grippers as much. THey leave me tense and a little tight.

  19. I’m interested in this whole testing movements thing. A little experience today:
    Tried to press my 32kg (which i can usually do for 2 or 3 reps) and couldn’t today. Decided to do a test an hour later with my 16kg, got ROM for military press, then tried bottom up press – and the range of motion was better. Ended up doubling my PR numbers on the BuP with the 16kg… on a day when I thought pressing was out the window! I don’t understand this stuff, but I will do more testing.

    1. Harry

      it appears you already know more than you think you know. Good job on the PR- continue to question and act.

  20. 3/6 PR left arm KB press 24 kg 1 rep max. Context: I arrived at Grip ‘N Rip exactly 4 weeks ago barely able to press a 12 for a couple shaky reps. A few minutes work with Adam and I was push pressing the 16 for multiple solid reps. Just got a 24 and a 28 today and the 24 went up ridiculously easy. Missed on the 28. That will fall soon.

    This works.

  21. quick workout, doing laundry said try the 2 inch v bar. Right hand 238 up from 228 . Left hand 213 up from 203. This is 10 pounds in both hands. I just did these tuesday. Did bup cleans with the 70 pounder, 15 reps 10 min. clean and hold. first time with this so we will see next time. Just like to put it up so there no bullshit when i beat it next time.

  22. March 5:

    two pizzas (volume)

    March 6:

    Rolling Thunder intensity (up 10 lbs this week), volume (@ 105# & 125#), density (64 reps @ 105# in 3:50).

  23. Backdating for 05/03:

    Density PR for One Arm Rows /w DBs.
    Set a baseline for Hammer Curls.

      1. I’ve put it as “setting a baseline” when I haven’t got an officially recorded previous performance in the exercise. A lot of the time I’ve done them before, but since I only started logging recently I have no idea if/in what way it could be a PR. Most of the time I’m pretty sure my new baselines have actually been PRs one way or another (I don’t try it unless it tests well after all) but I don’t want to claim it, for the sake of honesty.

  24. did one arm kb press tonight. Used the 70 i did 24 reps each arm, sets of 2. Didn’t time because i was taking my time. Making them nice and easy. They felt good, but i am still taking it slow. I found doing internally rotated right hip cirlces stops my left shoulder from clicking. every day treat it like a science experiment.

    1. “everyday treat it like a science experiment”

      YES- I am going to be calling on you shortly Frank, you clearly are ahead of the class here. Well done!

  25. pr in sumo overhand deads. 275 for 53 reps in 13:30 up from 50 reps in 20 min. Stopped at 13:30 my right side lower back got real tight and rom was not returning. I was doing sets of 8 reps,and maybe at the end i may have used a little more tension then i should have. I was going to hang it up for the night, becasue it was really tight, then i said this is a good time to see if i can make it better. Found the right movement, right inside ankle tilts. This made my rom increase. This was the first time using the over head arm test. I did them like sets. After 4 sets i was back. I pressed the 79 for three sets of 2, nice and easy. They felt good, so i stopped on a good note. I was messing around with foot work while i was pressing.

    I haven’t been trying to get my pounds moved real high, because i have been into the learning part of feeling better. Finding movements that release tensioin or clicking in shoulders. I did weigh in tonight at 230, so that is up another 2 pounds.

  26. Snatching 32kg yesterday, 10min set= 88reps… 17 reps up from last week also doubled my reps in the touch´n´go pinch DL with 2x22lbs iron plates.. time to start using 33+22lbs!!

  27. can someone tell me when looking for problems in a certain area in the body which joint do you look at. for example shoulder you would look at the oposite hip. Pelvic and neck. I don’t know them all. I have been doing alot of experiments with what micro movement increase my rom. Thank you if someone can tell me.

    when you are doing the arm flexion test, are you pushing your arm straight up when going back. When i started i was keeping my shoulder socked in, and i think that may not work,do to making tesioin right from the start.Iam just starting to use this test. I was using the toe touch all the time.

    frank berean

    1. Frank, look at the email i sent you last week, you must learn the bones and movements.

      Just raise the arm, do not do anythign special- no packing, no sucking it in, none of that

  28. 6rep increase in BUP today also PR in CC bridging progressions#4…. set a baseline on H2H swings with 32kg 10min=146reps and tucked front levers on the rings… 68 count total….
    Body feels smooth and energetic!!

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