Reverse hand grip bending

Reverse grip was made famous by Pat “The Human Vise” Povilaitis, who is easily one of the strongest human beings on the planet. It is one of my favorite grips to train with because it makes your wrist so damn strong. The motion can be difficult for people to learn because they try to bend across the top of their thumb. The proper plane to apply force is at the base of the thumb between the index and middle finger. Here is a video of Pat destroying a Gr5 cap screw and a video of me bending an Iron Mind Yellow nail. Watch how the both hands will rotate even though the left hand acts as an anchor for the motion.

Pats form is the exact way you want to learn the drill, as he was the man who made this grip famous. I don’t know exactly how thick a bar he can bend like this, but i will wager he can bend things reverse grip that most men can not even budge one millimeter in the double over hand. In Dennis Rogers “Odd object bending and breaking DVD” Pat bends a 3/8 inch thick 5 1/2 inch drill bit. This is among some of the most intense steel bending ever done. There is no one in the world who is a better short bender then Pat.

If you like this then check out and

If you want to learn to bend, you need to check out and Jedd Johnsons Bending E-book, which you can purchase from I bought it the first week it was released and i will put my name on it any day of the week. It is first class material for any one who wants to know all things concerning short bending.