Steel Scrolling

Steel Scrolling this evening. The first piece is a 1 inchx1/4 inch piece of flat stock that was 36 inches long. I made 7 bends in it then looped it around. Flat stock is good because it is very strong when you try to twist it. The middle picture is litte 3/16 square stock. I love bending square stock. I usually use 1/4 or 5/16 but i tried out some small stuff today. Square stock makes very artistic designs and looks cool when you twist it. This piece i twisted around 35 times, i dont think the picture really shows how neat it looks.

Steel scrolling is an elite grip training tool. The amount of dynamic and static power you have to produce is great. It is superior to other forms of grip training because it is a total upper body work out and requires a lot of endurance in the arms and back and chest. If you want to get started here is what you need

-Go to a Home Depot of a Lowes and buy some 3/16″X36″ steel rod sections. DO NOT get the pieces that are cut like a big screw. Get the smooth pieces. Start with Round stock and work up to square and flat.

-Warm up your arms with some push ups and shake outs.

-No start your bend near the end and work from there. There are no rules, everything is free style from there. One piece will give you a lot of work. I broke off a section of this, but when i work with the 5/16 it lasts a long time because it is very difficult to break.

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